7 Traits of a Personality that Others Find Difficult to Handle Because You Are Too Deep

Are you curious about the deeper understanding of life, are you into deep psychological conversations have knowledge of philosophy or just really understand and feel things differently rather than your peers and people you know?

If you have answered with yes in your mind while reading this, we also do confirm that you have a deep understanding and cravings for something meaningful in your life. As the human character comes in varies forms, we are often excited when we meet a new person with a unique range of traits, we often want to know more about them or about this person, are they true or false, and maybe just testing our limits of how deep can we go to find out about them more.

We are offering you 7 traits that people tend to have difficulties with, when it comes to having a deep person in their lives.


1. You speak your mind

Always. Many people truly fear to speak themselves out loud because they’re guided by the fear of being judged, but you don’t. You openly express your thoughts and feelings and never had the idea of fear that you might be judged. Being judged or unaccepted doesn’t fear you or interest you. You actually don’t like superficial communication, and you want to create bonds with people that are truly open and real to you, as much as you are real to you being yourself. You want to achieve this level of honesty as much as you can in your life.

2. You are content and happy with who you are

Whether if you are single, in a relationship, with many friends or less, or even spend time just with one person you truly love and care or spend the time by yourself, you are happy with who you are. You are content with spending your time with yourself and you’re not afraid of being alone. You do not depend on others to create your happiness and instead you have created it by your own.

3. You dislike small-talk

Small-talks really waste your time, at least that’s how you think about it. You thrive for conversations that are rather meaningful and said wholeheartedly rather than filling up the time with the old known “What’s the weather going to be like?”

4. Actions speak louder than words

You truly hate when people make you a promise and don’t stick to it. Or the fact that people promise too much to the world and cannot commit to fulfill the promised. Smooth-talkers are your pet peeve, and you’re very gifted to detect them at first sight, so you’re trying your best to stay away from them.

5. You love to listen and absorb


You are a very good listener and you like to absorb and remember things what the others say. You love to learn new things from people, when people share their insights with you, you know how to respect the thoughts and feelings of the others and you like to find out more and more about it. You are happy when you reach a state with person that is both comfortable for you and them to spend time talking about something meaningful.

6. You don’t like ignorance

Judgmental, insensitive, ignorant and pretentious people tend to go on your nerves. You can see people from different perspectives and you don’t like to judge, and people that start to judge without spending time on insight about it are the people who are going to be written on your not-so-favorite-people list.

7. You don’t crave attention

This is maybe one of the most important traits that are mentioned. You just don’t crave attention, you don’t need other people’s validation, acceptance, compliments, or just eyes being focused on you. You have accepted yourself and by being yourself accepted, you don’t need someone else to prove your worth because you already know it.

People that tend to seek out attention and rather do anything for attention are mostly people who are not happy with themselves, rather insecure or incomplete with something they lack of. This is not you in any way, and you know it. You are happy with only you being focused on yourself, and you certainly don’t seek improvement or any validation.

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