7 Warning Signs That Your Friends Are Ruining Your Relationship

Friends, indeed are a treasure for a lifetime, but at times, they might not be the best ones for you. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a deliberate attempt on their part, but they might unconsciously, end up ruining your relationship.

They might intentionally manipulate you at times, thinking that they know what is best for your relationship. However, you need to be careful enough to realize they are not the best relationship advisors for you. You can never really know the actual reason behind such an activity of theirs, it can however, be an outcome of envy.

1.According to them, your date is not suitable enough

You might have come across friends who think that your date is not good enough. This constant persuasion might make you doubt your choice. Once you start thinking like them, you might end up ruining a good relationship.

2.They think you are ignoring them

There are certain friends who constantly try to be with you, even when you are trying to find some personal time with your partner. They might think that you are prioritizing your new found love over them. It might really becomes awkward for your partner to hang out with your friends all the time. Such friends, constantly want your attention and are never satisfied by the time you dedicate for them. This, essentially makes them selfish.

3.They remind you of your past relationships

Despite knowing that you have had bad relationships in the past, they never miss an opportunity to remind you of them. They might think that it is funny to talk about your ex when you are with your date, it however, is absolutely annoying. They make you feel awkward before your partner.

4.They encourage you to cheat

Friends who encourage you to go for a one night stand and cheat on your partner, can never really be your true friends. You might trust them completely, but they end up manipulating you. These are the kind of people who put on a garb of being good friends, but in reality, are the ones who you should be cautious of.

5.They want to keep you preoccupied

There are certain friends who want to keep you away from your partner and be preoccupied with them. Such friends, want you to ignore your lover and pay attention and time to them, instead. They never really want your relationship to grow.

6.They try to flirt with your date

There are people who would try all means to destroy your relationship, by even flirting with your partner in secret. They probably want to ruin things between you two and make space for themselves. They end up talking to your partner for long hours, while you stay unaware of it. Their advances towards your partner are done secretively.

7.They do not treat your partner properly

At times, you might notice that your friends are not behaving properly with your partner. They either ignore them or choose to be impudent towards them. Such an attitude is a sign of disrespect towards your partner and you friends, probably, do not like him/her. This gets reflected on your relationship, making it vulnerable and likely to end.

So, beware of such toxic friends and if you notice such behaviour on their part be sure to let them know that your life is yours to live!

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