8 Signs Showing You Are Highly Sensitive to Energy That Others Can’t See

Imagine sitting in a room and getting flashes of images that you don’t seem to identify with. You keep thinking that maybe it is just your subconscious playing tricks with you or trying to tell you something, but, my friend, the reality is something entirely different. What you are experiencing is someone else’s memories, emotions and feelings. No, you aren’t actively trying to ‘read their minds’, rather, you are so attuned to their energy waves that you can easily grasp every single vibe of energy that passes through individuals around you.

So, are you this attuned? Are you an empath? Let’s find out.

Distance Doesn’t Matter

No matter where someone is, if you are fixated on them and have a deep connection with them, you are going to be sensing their energies. You can actually feel what they feel and be in touch with their emotions. What is important for you is to not feel those emotions as yours, but rather as something different, for which you might not necessarily be the reason.


You intensely abhor large crowds or big open concerts where there are hundreds of people milling about in wild cacophony. The negative energy in that region would quickly overwhelm you and make you sick. You would rather love to be alone in a quiet place or be surrounded by only a few people.

Sensory Awareness

You are extremely sensitive to bright lights, loud noise, foul smell, and pungent tastes. Since your mind is empathetic, it is only apt that your body would be connected to your mind too. This leads to an increase in awareness about the body along with the mind.


Your receptiveness towards the various energies all around you gives you a sense of intuition where you are able to predict something even before that has happened. Although you have no idea how you know it and why you know it, it just is present.

Also, due to your ability to see someone’s energy and decide if they are good or bad for you, it is pretty much given that you would know whether to be with them or avoid them.


Pretty simple, considering your entire life is based on sensing emotions and feelings of others, so it would be amiss if you weren’t a bit sensitive. Not only this, but you are also deeply connected with nature and everything that’s earthly and to the ground.


You are a human lie-detector as you are always able to know when someone is lying to you. It must be because you are able to sense their energies at all times and a lie would trigger a sort of change in their aura, and the way their energy usually functions, thereby hinting at the lie behind their words. You don’t take any crap from anyone.


To the extent that you can’t even watch violence on TV. You would place yourself in the victim’s situation, and that would seriously depress you. This notion of empathizing with anyone you might ever meet, or see, is what makes you different from the rest. Even though the action might take place in reel life, your own awareness and reception would bring it down to the level of real life.

Avoiding Energy Suckers

You might be the best guy on earth, but you certainly aren’t stupid. You know whom to meet with, and whom to avoid, because they suck life and energy out of you, leaving you to be a husk of your previous self. It is imperative that you do stay away from people who would harm you while trying to appear as your friend.

So, are you an empath?

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