9 Surprises Women Love But Would Never Ask For

Regardless of what kind of a woman you are dating, what is she saying out loud or tends to a certain “I don’t care” behavior, every woman wants to see a bit of your romantic side. There are some things that women appreciate a lot, and men often avoid these kinds of gestures, but it’s really heartwarming if you surprise your girl with your caring and loving side.

These are the 9 things that women love you to do for them:

1. Wake Her Up With Breakfast

I mean, who doesn’t want to wake up with the smell of food, first thing in the morning? We are all addicted to food so surprise your girl with something you can make for her for breakfast.

2. Little Love Notes

These are very heartwarming, these little love notes. Use post-it sticky notes and whatever you need to tell her if you are going out earlier, draw a heart or write something sweet. It will turn the frown upside down.

3. Spontaneous Shopping Trip

It’s not a secret, women are addicted to buying new stuff, whether it’s clothes, shoes, cosmetics or something else. Give both of yourselves a shopping trip that will make you happy. Before you attempt this, you know, keep extra cash, more than needed.

4. Date Night

Okay, you live together, go to work both of you (or not), you have busy nights and schedules, but what about date nights? Spend time with yourselves outside your home, visit a cinema, or go for a stroll in the park.

5. Romantic Trip

You have talked and imagined beautiful places around the world, and those are still just stuck into your head. We would suggest you to take a trip somewhere nice. We are all aware that if you want to visit perhaps Paris you’ll need some cash and not everyone is capable of achieving that amount of money. But spend some time together on a trip that you can both share your hard earned money, whether is in your country or outside.

6. Send Flowers To Work

And once she gets them, she’ll feel like working again. You already brightened her day! She is happy, her co-workers can be either happy or a bit jealous, but once she got them from you, she’s unstoppable.

7. Do Her Housework For A Day

Let her feet rest a bit and try to her work, whether it’s the dishes, cleaning or laundry. No one likes doing housework, but we have to help one another with it. Tell her she has the day off of doing chores.

8. Plan A Home Cooked Meal For Two

A partner that can cook is always a great plus for the relationship. If you can both cook and cook well, you are blessed with a nice flowing relationship. Even if you’re not a good cooker, you can try the simplest meal that you can do for a dinner, or just order pizzas and enjoy the night.

9. Compliment Her Publicly

She wants your presence and your compliments, and your compliments are those that matter to her. She wants to be beautiful to you, want you to feel fulfilled with her and she makes you proud. You can always drop a compliment on her recent Facebook photos, she’ll love it!

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