According to Science, Being Bald Actually Boosts Your Attractiveness

Well. What I am about to tell you will completely blow your mind! This might be really surprising news but new study says baldness really heightens your attractiveness. A research conducted by University of Pennsylvania has completely changed the follicle story. So, for you men out there who are suffering due to baldness, stop whatever you are doing and check this out!

Involving three separate studies, the research has found proof that bald men seem to be in trend right now. The first study had male and female students of UPenn give ratings to photos of men, bald or otherwise, on the basis of their dominance, attractiveness and confidence. The second study involved a group of adults where pictures of some men were digitally altered to make them bald. The third study included an online questionnaire, without visual aid, with descriptions of a man’s career, age, height, weight and type of hair or lack thereof.

59 male and female students took part in the first study, 367 male and female adults took part in the second study and the third study had 552 male and female adults. So we can safely assume it is the opinion of the majority.

It was surprising to see that bald men came out victorious in each and every category. One can of course confirm this fact by counting Michael Jordan’s championship rings. Bryan Cranston on dominance says that men with less facial hair are not as intimidating as men with facial hair. Men with less facial hair don’t seem to exude dominance at all. However a man who is bald is far more intimidating than a man with hair. This is a fact that has been known for years.

The researchers also stated how practical and rational these studies are. They claimed that these findings have a lot of benefits which will not only help in perception and confidence creation but many other related things.

The researchers said that these studies have several very interesting and beneficial implications that deserve attention. There are hundreds of men out there who spend billions each year to treat hair loss or reverse their bald patches. Men feel so insecure about this male pattern baldness that it results in them losing confidence and becoming unhappy with their looks. However this study has successfully managed to bring forth an effective counter measure to pattern baldness which is to completely shave their heads.

This study proves how people all over feel about bald men. This is your time. There is no need to spend so much money on these expensive treatments and wigs and everything in between. Get rid of the Bosley and take a Bic instead. It is also said that men who are shorter are more probable to go bald or shorter guys might appear to be far more suave, confident and attractive with a good old dominant streak. However all of that depends on your perspective.

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