16 Signs That Show You’ve Experienced Childhood Emotional Abuse

The way we’re raised has much to do with our coping skills when we’re adults. People that were victims of emotional abuse as kids, have certain behaviors as adults that separate them from the rest. If you know a person that has experienced emotional abuse as a child, keep on reading this text. This article will help you understand those people better and understand yourself better.


1.Constantly saying sorry

Emotionally abused children may feel like they’ve never done anything right and that’s why they constantly apologize even though they didn’t do anything wrong.


It’s really hard to make a decision when you spent your childhood listening that you’re not good enough.

3.Second guessing everything

If you’ve lived in a chaotic world, you’ll never truly believe in anything and you’ll always be second guessing.

4.Sensitive to loud noises

People that grow up with parents that always yelled at them, most probably will be more sensitive to loud noises when adults.


Many victims of abuse are afraid of contact with other people and they distance themselves.

6.Defensive nature

People that have suffered abuse, might come as negative and offensive.

7.Issues with eye contact

They may become anxious when speaking to them and they’ll do anything to avoid eye contact.

8.Running away from conflict

Facing conflicts gives them immense anxiety that’s why they always try to avoid conflicts.


quite kid

It’s really hard finding your voice when people tell you that you’re worthless and small.


10.Can’t take a compliment

They always doubt people’s words when they’re positive and when people are giving them compliments.

11.Always nervous

Everything worries them and they’re constantly nervous. Even the slightest trouble, overwhelms them.


Growing up in an angry surrounding, can cause people to become angry too.

13.Constant mood swings

Constant mood swings


People that grew up in abusive surroundings, can cause to have plethora of emotions come at you at random times. Having constant mood swings is how these people cope with their childhood.


Most of the abusive children, will end up harming themselves when they grow up.


15.Addiction issues

Victims that went trough emotional abuse are more likely to end up with an addiction.


These people are humble with their past. They didn’t let their past influence their future and they turned into greater and stronger people.

Source: The Mighty

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