Dating is Getting Even More Complicated — Here Are 5 More Terms You Need to Know in 2018

If you immediately thought of the meanings like ghosting, stashing, and sidebarring that were bad, things are about to get worse.

Modern dating is tough, it seems like there’s always someone for somebody, the girls/guys you like already date someone else and it seems like it’s impossible to find someone who’s single and totally fits you.

Even if you arrange the first date, the thoughts right after is when should I arrange the second one, so you catch yourself later on Google for advices and you end up being in the weird side of YouTube, with the question still on your head but post-poned.

And of course, social media always plays with our anxiety and self esteem. Thanks to the dating website Plenty of Fish, they have given names to the behavior that you’ll likely to come across this year in 2018 – and here are five of them.

1. Flexting

The meaning of flexting is digitally boasting before you meet your date. It’s like when you meet them online and they heat you up to date them and then you’re surprised why is something missing. According to Plenty of Fish data, 47% of the single people experienced this, more precisely, 63% of the females got flexted and 38% of males.

2. Cricketing

Like when you just hear the crickets when someone puts a bad joke. Cricketing is when you leave a person on read/seen for way too long. Instead of handling a conversation with the person online, you’ve met silence. That’s right, *crickets*. The majority of single people, around 67% experienced this and waited patiently for their reply.

3. Ghostbusting

This is for the people that just don’t give up. It’s those that they still send you messages and try to connect with you although you’ve been ignoring them for way too long for them to realize that you’re definitely not interested. According to Plenty of Fish, a massive 78% of single millenials have been ghostbusted and only 38% of them have reported this behavior.

4. Serendipitating

Serendipitating means leaving everything in the hands of a good fate. They put off a date just in case someone comes along that they like more. Nearly a third singles admitted that the grass is always green on the other side and put off a date just in case that they may meet someone that they would like more.

5. Fauxbaeing

This is the behavior when the ones you want to date tell you that they are in a relationship or meeting someone else, and guess what, they’re lying.

It’s probably a tactic to make an ex jealous, to avoid date with someone that they’re not interested with, or they don’t feel like meeting someone in this period. Which also includes you.

Source: BusinessInsider

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