He’d Definitely Pursue You If He Wants You To Stay In His Life

Modern dating is confusing and your learning curve is more about trial and error rather than beginner’s luck. There would be a lot many fake frogs to kiss before you find your prince and so you need to be quick and discerning about the guys you are seeing. It is okay if you are in the dating game just for a good time, but if you are really looking for your special someone, you need to know how to weed off the riff raff.

So how do you know whether a guy is the real deal or not? How do you decide whether this one is worthy of the time and attention that you are spending on him? Many women complain that there is just no way to know whether a guy is in it for the long haul or not. And they lament how much time they wasted on him when they could have spent it with someone who actually cared more about them than just their bodies. Well, it is possible to know whether a man is worth the effort or not, you just need to take off those rose tinted glasses and look at some hard facts.

So how do you know if someone wants to be with you or not? It is not exactly rocket science and yet some people just never seem to get it. If he wants to be with you- He will put effort in being with you. It would be clear, in his words and his deeds that he is making time for you.  If he likes spending time with you and he will make plans and see them through. There won’t be any last minute rain-checks every time. And he would want to do things that you want as well. Not every meeting would be a booty call, which is all crazy good in the beginning but the charm eventually wears off.

See if your love and attention is being reciprocated. If you are putting an effort for him, it is only natural that he will do the same for you as well. Don’t believe him if he says he doesn’t want to go all in because you are just seeing each other. The logical next step to dating is relationship and if he is saying away from the latter then clearly he’s not as invested as you are; which is nothing wrong if he is not looking for a serious relationship, but since you are you have every right to bid farewell to this gentleman.


Remember, you don’t have any time in life for f**kboys who are constantly toying with your emotions. Keeping you hanging for days and then talking all sweet one day is not acceptable behavior. If he is interested in you, he’d try everything he can so that there is no communication gap. This is because he actually cares about where this is going, just like you.

You deserve someone who will fight for you if it is needed; someone who is not afraid to commit himself to you. Someone who is ready to do everything that is needed to get you, because in you he has seen a future and he will never do something that would make that future slip away from him. Don’t think that you don’t deserve a guy like that. You do and he exists, but the only way you’ll find him is when you stop settling for the ones who clearly don’t deserve you.

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