Here is How to Stop Destroying your Relationship if you’re an Over-thinker

Did happen to you to take one normal circumstance and analize, critique and dissect it in little parts until doesn’t make sense anymore? If this kind of thinking is happening to you that means you’re an over-thinker.

No matter the reason of the over thinking, anxiety or fear, it can be really exhausting with all those what-ifs in the head looking for attention. Furthermore, it’s the fastest way to damage your relationship.

In the beginning, here’s what happens to the mind when you start to over-think.

You see or hear something that is provoking all the questions in your head. Or you can start remembering things from the past. All of a sudden, you found yourself entering in to the over-thinking zone and you’re prepared. And the mind with all his curios ways of working will make you pay attention to all those things that you wish you could ignore them and will make you to deal with them until you pass out and remember it in the morning.

While over-thinking you will also find yourself saying that you would have done the same or that doesn’t make sense… and all those thoughts and questions that are stopping you from being happy.

The thing is that you can’t see the whole picture when you use a microscope to see something. In this way you only see the details that are part of the big picture. The exactly same thing happens when over-thinking.

You’re focusing on the less valuable things whenever you start to see only the things that a part of something bigger. For example when you start to ask yourself why your partner is not responding to you as usual or why she/he went somewhere else this time with the friends and not to the usual pizza restaurant. Whenever you start asking yourself with thousand of question you forget to pay attention to the important things, to see the big picture.

All those “why’s” are the ones that destroy your relationship and are stopping you from prosperity.

The other side of this is over-thinking about what “you may be doing wrong”

Maybe you didn’t know but over-thinking leads to blame. So if you worry that you’re doing something wrong, most probably everything you’re doing is right except worrying for no reason.  So you need to stop the blame cycle!

The only way to move forward in your life is to start trusting yourself and others. Also you need to stop over-thinking if you want to stop the damage that has been done to your relationship. We all know that’s much easier to be said than to be done, but let’s try…

How to stop over-thinking?

Well, maybe won’t work for everyone, but already worked for a lot of people, that’s the reason why we are sharing this with you.

Things that are supposed to happen will happen no matter you are thinking or not. So what we advice you is acceptance and letting go! Accept what life has brought you and let go of the need to have all the answers.

Repeat after me: “I’m okay. He’s/she’s okay. We’re okay!

Words have the power to help you if you use them properly. Most of the time when you’re over-thinking, you are creating a problem that didn’t even exist at first place. So most of the time you are Okay, he/she is Okay and you guys are Okay. You just need to repeat these words, as many times you need.

This is what you need to do: Breathe! Stop the blame! Accept what life is bringing and let it go. And don’t forget: “You’re okay!

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