How to Make Your Skin Comfortable at Home

How to Make Your Skin Comfortable at Home

We spend a lot of time at home and don’t put much thought into how time spent there can damage our skin. Here are some ways to ensure healthy skin.

Add Plants

Believe it or not, indoor air pollution is two to five times worse than the air pollution outdoors. Pollutants inside are caused by an array of irritants such as cleaning products, mold, dust mites, pet dander, synthetic fragrance, allergens from furniture or carpets, and even from the food we cook.

Improving air quality is essential for our lungs, but also for healthy skin — our body’s largest organ. Keeping plants around the house not only gives us little green spots of cheerful decor, but they also improve the air quality in our homes by working as natural air filters. If you don’t have plants or are looking to add more, check out the best plants that improve air quality.

Change Your Home’s Air Filters

Although plants can help by improving the air quality somewhat, a more effective solution is to change your HVAC filter, as this works to purify the air in the entire house. Pollutants can cause allergy-like symptoms by producing itchy eyes, congestion, and sneezing. These issues cause our eyes to become puffy and red. Poor indoor quality can also worsen psoriasis or eczema.

Sleep Well

Our skin regenerates when we sleep, so it’s important to keep a good sleep schedule. Try turning off your phone and television, so lit devices don’t stimulate your brain.  If you can’t seem to lay down without a million ideas flying around in your head, place a notebook near the bed and write out thoughts, so you’re no longer mulling them over.

Drink More Water

Remember to drink plenty of water! Hydrated skin is happy skin. Hydration helps keep our skin plump. Lack of water can cause dry, tight skin, resulting in more-pronounced wrinkles or additional wrinkles. Water also helps filter the toxins out of our body, which helps with clear skin.


Stress impacts us negatively internally, but it also has external effects. It can cause existing acne to worsen or create inflammatory acne. Self-care goes hand in hand with mental health. You might not have time to unwind with a glass of wine and do a luxurious skincare routine every night, but try to incorporate skincare into your day. Put on a facemask for 10 to 20 minutes while doing chores or vegging out on the couch.

Limit Time in the Shower

It’s tempting to take in the heat and warmth of the water while bathing, but make sure to remember that being in prolonged heat can strip the natural oils of your skin. Be careful using certain soaps, because harsh soaps can strip your skin’s pH balance.

Having healthy skin helps us look better, but it also helps us feel better. Time spent at home should be comfortable, so try these tips and see if you note the difference in your softer, soothed skin.

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