If These 7 Things Are Your Nighttime Habits, Your Relationship is Probably Toxic

If you’re in a good relationship, you’ll be happy. Toxicity will make you feel like you’re left adrift without any moorings. There’s a constant undermining of your opinions, unhealthy competitiveness, lack of respect, and little to no cooperation. You’ll be at a higher risk of suffering from depression and anxiety.

This negativity really hurts you when you’re about to go to bed because the stress it causes will make it difficult to go to sleep. It is not always easy to realize that you’re in a bad relationship but if you do these things before bed every night, you should take a step back and rethink your relationship.

1. They’re Glued To Their Phone

Everyone likes to go through their phone in bed but if your partner is completely unable to put it down, it indicates that they are looking for validation elsewhere. A person who can’t stop scrolling through their newsfeed or chatting online with strangers might even be cheating on you emotionally.

2. Quarrelling Is The Norm

If you’re always squabbling over something or the other, your relationship is most likely unhealthy. Even the smallest of tiffs can become serious at the drop of a hat and both of you will be exhausted by the end of it. When you fight every night just because someone is hogging the covers or forgot to get a bottle of water, you are not with the right person.

3. They Don’t Want To Know What’s Up With You

Mutual affection and care are required in a relationship. There will be times when you have other important things that demand your attention. However if your partner never has time to listen to you when you want to talk, your relationship might be toxic.

4. Intimacy Is Rare

For a good sexual relationship, both partners need to be able to communicate. This won’t happen if the relationship is toxic. Sex between the two of you may become infrequent or even rare because your partner doesn’t know what you want and doesn’t care to find out either.

5. And Then There’s Constant Intimacy

A healthy sex life is essential to all relationships and how much sex that involves varies according to each couple. However there is such a thing as filling in the gaps in your relationship with sex. Using it to stave off fights or discussion about any problem isn’t good and you should never have to feel like you can’t say no.

6. You Don’t Sleep Close Together

Most people in toxic relationships say that they feel exhausted and weary all the time and this results in them avoiding their partners. When both of you keep afar from each other when you’re settling into bed, your relationship has taken a turn for the worse. Of course if you never liked cuddling before this might not be a big deal.

7. Sleep Is Hard To Come By When You’re With Them

If you can’t sleep well when your partner is beside you, it could mean one or two things. Maybe they’re just a noisy or restless sleeper whose movements keep you awake, or you feel uncomfortable when you’re with them. Toxicity can mess up your sleep cycle completely.

These aren’t definite indicators and situations may vary. But if you feel like something is off, follow your instincts and reflect on what might be wrong. Relationships are supposed to make you happy and it is not wrong to rethink on one if you’re not.

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