Learn the 7 Kinds of Love Revealed by Psychologists

Love is a beautiful thing and blesses our lives in more ways than we care to think about. It truly makes the world go round and everything is a little more beautiful, a little happier, you get the drift.

When we fall in love, we see no right or wrong, we do what our heart wants us to.

Falling in love makes everyone behave in a certain way but do all of us fall in the same kind of love? Does falling in love mean the same for everyone?

Psychologists say that there are seven different kinds of love! Curious yet?

Read on!


The first kind is infatuation. This is when you develop feelings for someone you do not exactly know; say the cute guy/girl you know is a friend of your friend’s! You do not know them but you have made up a personality in your mind and you are into that. You don’t straight away want to put a ring on them, but you definitely want to get to know them.


Yeah, this is a kind of love, too. You know their best qualities and love spending time with them, but you don’t really know if you’re in love with them, but you are prepared to take a plunge and see where it goes.

Hollow love

Hollow love is when you are in a relationship but there is no spark anymore. It is just two people dating just for the sake of it. It is not exciting, fulfilling or wholesome. It is just something that is there.

Fatuous love

This is the kind of love that has everything a relationship needs to survive but there is still some inhibition in both the people. They love each other but there is a sort of distance that has not been bridged yet.

Romantic love

Romantic love is the love that comes with a wonderful bond between two people who share their feelings and emotions without holding back there is a lot of emotional validation but somehow there is not the kind of commitment that is desired.


You like spending time together but that is about it. You don’t need to be with each other to be happy. You find their company comfortable but that is where it ends. The passion that is needed in a relationship is missing.

Consummate love

Even though all kinds of love is perfect in its own way, there is something known as the perfect love. It is the right mix of passion and comfort. You are really into each other and see yourselves being together even in the distant future. There is love, passion, comfort and the need to be with each other as much as possible.

Final thoughts

As Ed Sheeran says, people fall in love in mysterious ways. It might begin as one kind of love first but after a while it may change into another. Love, however, is love. Whatever the kind, it is always worth fighting for.

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