The Magical Month Of March: In Preparation For Two Full Moons And The Start Of The Astrological Year

Every year, without fail, March has been a month full of energy. But March 2018 has something extra special in store for us all.  In case you don’t know yet, there hasn’t been a full moon this February. It’s been the month of the black moon. To make up for it, there are going to be two full moons in March. A March full moon is usually referred to as a Worm moon and now there’s a second one which is going to be blue moon. We’ll see one full moon on first or second of March and the other on the 31st of March.


The power of the Worm Moon / Sun in Pisces

When March begins, we’ll encounter a full moon which will radiate guiding energy. The energy will reach our planet and engulf us, urging us to forgive all the people who have hurt us and find closure in all matters. It will make us reflect on all that we have experienced in the past year and think about the direction our lives will take in the coming year, even if we hadn’t considered it before.

Till around March 20th, the Sun will reside in Pisces and will gradually travel towards Aries. This transition should be over by the 20th or the 21st. The energy that Pisces radiates also urges us towards reflection and makes us search for the answers we hold inside ourselves. It helps us develop and mature so that the very best parts of our selves will rise and shine bright.

The energy of the Sun in Aries

The reflective energy of Pisces will last till the Sun completes its transit to Aries. When that is done, we will be engulfed by the power of Aries prior to the night of the blue moon. It’s essential to remember this because the sudden flow of energy is going to make us hasty. Remember to not move too fast. There is work to do but consider the ramifications of your actions before you perform them.

Don’t forget that the energy of the sun cannot take over the energy of the moon. This knowledge is essential because the two might come into conflict now and then. When Aries engulfs you, your heart will be in the right place but you might overdo things. When you feel the energy of the blue moon, it is time for you to become grounded and guard your own power.

The energy of the Blue Moon

When the Blue Moon appears, everything changes. You’ll find yourself in a new place but it will be a place of positivity. Just be ready for anything that might come your way. The path will not be clear but you need to have faith that the universe is taking you where you need to be.

Come back for more news about the different energies of the universe when the time of the Blue Moon is over. Don’t be scared of March because it is a month filled with magic. Accept the energy flowing from the two full moons.

Allow Pisces to enter you but never forget to rein yourself in when Aries is urging you to be reckless. Be warned that you need to be fully grounded before the Moon is full because if you come in the way of some negative energy, it will feed of your own personal flow. Many do this unconsciously and feel worse for it. Watch the video below for more information and keep yourself ready for all that will come your way.

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