A Man With Pineal Cancer Makes Incredible Psychedelic Paintings

Shawn Thornton is an artist who painted incredible series of psychedelic landscapes. He started creating complex, psychedelic yet interesting paintings after developing cancer in his pineal gland. Shawn got the disease while attending the art school. He got operated and now he is completely OK.

While he was fighting with the cancer, for about six years, Thornton managed to create beautiful series of paintings with psychedelic effects, probably because his brain was over-producing DMT (psychedelic substance also known as “The Spirit Molecule”).

Dr. Rick Strassman, who has conducted several experiments on DMT and the pineal gland claims that Thornton’s paintings look very much like DMT trips and connects the artist’s experience with the cancer of the pineal gland. The pineal gland has long been thought to be the seat of consciousness, and tied to both mystic practices and the psychedelic effects of high-potency drugs like DMT.

Check the incredible art work below:

Source: Ultraculture

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