Marry Someone Who Loves You EXACTLY Like This

Finding the right person is a tough struggle. Despite dating apps, we invariably end up in the arms of unsuitable lovers. Finding your true partner, or soul mate, has been relegated to a myth. But that isn’t all true. Many people who have encountered heartwarming bonds, have shared what it takes to make the best partner.

Do not settle for somebody who does not tick-off the following:

They Should Find You Perfect As You Are

You should be loved. You should be reminded, constantly, of how wonderful you are. The best of couples know how to lift each other up. They always point out the good things in their partner. Making your Significant Other feel good about themselves is part of the deal.

They Should Not Fall Short Of The First-Date Enthusiasm

In most relationships, the ‘spark’ wears out after a while. The partners begin to take each other for granted. Gradually, their relationship begins to rot away. It is nice to be in love with somebody who won’t give up on you. Even four years into the relationship, their heart will still skip a beat at your sight. The “honeymoon period” never wears out if you truly love somebody.

They Should Be Willing To Embrace Your Demons

Nobody is all sunshine. We all have good days and the bad. If your partner does not shoulder your storms, then they do not deserve you at all. You cannot take the shiny side and discard the other. You deserve to be loved in all entirety. Do not award yourself anything less than that.

They Should Like Being In Love

Unless they like the feeling, they will step out of it soon enough. You cannot force relationships. People stay under influence for a short period of time. Sooner of later, their desire will fade out. Make sure that your partner really wants to be here with you.

They Should Be Able To Keep You Happy

The most beautiful of couples are great at making each other laugh. Your Significant Other should know how to make you forget your worries. In a long-term relationship, friendship and laughter are two of the most important components. No bond can thrive without it.

They Should Be What Your Heart Desires

Do not marry out of requirement. Many families force their children to step into untimely marriages. You, yourself might need a shoulder or a partner. But even then, don’t settle for somebody you do not love. Remember that you will have to spend all your days with them. Choose wisely.

They Should Respect Your Emotional Investment

Your partner can break your heart very easily. But we only love the ones who still choose not to. They possess all the weapons and ample ammunition. But they will never wound you. This sense of comfort and respect is what great relationships are built upon.

They Should Be Able To Hold You

I have seen only too many people shy away from publicly professing their love. This is okay to an extent. But you might want to look to somebody who is unafraid to showcase how they feel for you. It is nothing to hide or be ashamed of.

They Should Pick You Through Out

Given millions of choices, every day, they must still want to be with you. Life is never devoid of “temptations”. You need to find somebody who will not leave your side. The best of couples are not interested in “better deals”. They always stick by each other.

They Should Put In Ample Effort

Do not marry somebody who refuses to work for your bond. Their dedication to your relationship must make you want to better yourself. True couples inspire each other every day. It may be the smallest of gestures, but they hold a lot of value.

They Should Be Scared Of Letting You Go

It is true, everywhere, that you worship what you’re scared of losing. Unless that happens, you are bound to be taken for granted. Always remind them that you will leave if you are mistreated. Never let anybody believe that you will compromise with your standards.

They Should Be Somebody You Wish To Be With Everyday

Marriage is a long-term investment. Being friends with somebody for a day, handing out for 4 hours, is incomparable to being married. You have to live with them all the time. So, make sure you get hitched to somebody who wants to wake up to, every morning.

They Should Never Want To Change You

It is important that your Significant Other does not want any other version of you. If they are constantly laboring to mold you into themselves, they might as well marry a mirror. Make sure your partner appreciates you for who you are. A real lover will never want you to bow down to their standards. You both will build a life together, and not destroy your identities.


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