MiraBurst Miracle Berry Tablets Provide Healthier yet Deliciously Sweet Alternatives to well-known Recipes

It can be hard to eat healthy when you have a sweet tooth. Natural sweeteners and sugar alternatives are used to make our favorite foods and drinks healthier but the taste is not always enjoyable. Unfortunately, a lot of our favorite desserts and drinks tend to have a lot of sugar which could have long term adverse effect on our health. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to avoid sugar when you have consistent cravings for something sweet. Many try to create low to no sugar alternatives of popular foods and drinks but one of nature’s best solution is one many have yet to try, a very unique superfruit called the miracle berry.

The miracle berry is a fruit that originates from Ghana, West Africa that has been used for centuries to naturally sweeten sour and tart fruits, foods, and drinks without any sugar or sweeteners. The miracle berry is a taste modifier and therefore has to be consumed before eating or drinking the sour or tart fruit, food or drink. The berry contains an active substance in the pulp called miraculin which activates the sweet receptors on the taste buds of the tongue to temporarily change the perception of sour and tart fruits, foods and drinks to sweet tasting. It just tricks the mind to think that there is sugar in the food or drink but in reality, there is none!

The miracle berries work very well in their natural form. However, because they are highly perishable, they can lose their taste-altering capabilities relatively quickly, so turning them into powder and compressing them into tablet form is the best way to preserve the active ingredient miraculin.

The miracle berry is beneficial for everyone but especially for health-conscious people, diabetics or borderline diabetics and children. Even so, this berry actually became popular when people started doing the “Miracle Berry challenge” on social media.

But according to many blogs and health websites, miracle berries have now been classified in the “superfood” and “superfruit” categories because of their positive effect on healthy eating and its intrinsic health benefits. In the past, people preferred to avoid superfoods because they don’t taste good.  The miracle berry is the only superfruit in the world that can change the perceived taste of other foods and drinks so now people can consume foods and drinks they previously didn’t enjoy.


Miracle berries are meant to help people enjoy healthy food, cut down on processed foods, reduce intake of sugar and sweeteners and have a healthier eating habit while still satisfying their sweet tooth. Because of this, more food and beverage companies are looking for ways of using the berries in their recipes. Recently, The Culinary Institute of America, the premier culinary institute globally, collaborated with MiraBurst to develop some recipes including alcoholic cocktail recipes that pair very well with the miracle berry. MiraBurst has been on a mission to use miracle berries to help people enjoy healthy eating with their miracle berry tablets.

The recipes that The Culinary Institute of America created were similar to recipes for existing popular cocktails but modified to exclude sugar, syrups, or any sweeteners. The new recipes were developed to demonstrate how most of the currently existing sugar-loaded cocktails can be made even more delicious and healthier with the help of natural miracle berries. As a result of these recipes, many people have been experimenting with the tablets to see what happens when they try other drinks.

The berries have a glycoprotein that binds to proteins on the sweet receptors of the taste buds on the tongue. Once they have bonded to the tongue, they then form a miraculin-sweet receptor complex which sends signals to the brain to perceive sour or tart fruits, food or drinks as sweet. For this reason, certain alcoholic drinks pair very well with the miracle berry. In fact, based on the recipes developed in collaboration with the Culinary Institute of America, some drinks that work well with the MiraBurst miracle berry are gin and tonic, different types of wine, as well as anything containing lemon or lime juice.


Foods like yogurt parfaits, fruit salads, smoothies, and apple cider vinegar can also be enhanced with MiraBurst Miracle Berry Tablets. Generally, a yogurt parfait is made with unsweetened plain Greek yogurt, which can be sour or unappealing to many. However, with the tablets, an unsweetened Greek yogurt parfait can taste just like ice cream. Thanks to MiraBurst, you can actually enjoy a parfait while also benefiting from antioxidants and other phytonutrients, vitamin D, and probiotics, which are all beneficial for healthy living and can help manage blood sugar levels.


Even though eating a fruit salad can help maintain a healthy diet, many people substitute them with other processed foods. When paired with MiraBurst tablets, a fruit salad can help satisfy any sweet tooth, cutting down on processed foods and sugar intake at the same time.


Drinking lemon water and apple cider vinegar can provide many health benefits such as aiding digestion, improving skin, and providing Vitamin C. Lemon water also helps stabilize blood sugar levels after meals, while apple cider vinegar can improve the body’s sensitivity to insulin. However, the sour taste of both tends to make it difficult for people to enjoy and consume them daily. With the help of the tablets, both can taste enjoyable without any added sugars or sweeteners. Whatever type of sour or tart fruit, food, or drink you choose, MiraBurst can make it naturally delicious and healthy.


When CEO Dr. Emmanuel Asare was first diagnosed with borderline diabetes and was forced to change his eating habit by adding more fruits and vegetables and cutting down on processed food and sugar, he knew he needed to create a solution that wasn’t already on the market. His health journey proved quite tricky initially because, just like you and me, he was addicted to sugar-filled foods and drinks. He found that the current products like natural or artificial sweeteners still had adverse effects like unpleasant aftertaste and long-term health issues. When he came across the miracle berry from his home country – Ghana – he knew this was the solution.

In conclusion, the miracle berry is a superfruit that can help anyone live a healthier, happier lifestyle. MiraBurst Miracle Berry Tablets are the only product on the market that sweetens and removes the sour taste of sour or tart fruits, foods, and drinks, while also helping to reduce dependence on sugar and sweeteners and providing antioxidants and other essential phytonutrients beneficial for healthy living.

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