Neuroscientists Advise You to Visit The Beach Regularly and Here’s Why

Spending time outdoors is good for our overall health, it improves and boosts our physical and mental work and calms down our nerves. We often think of ideal locations to spend time those that are filled with best of the nature; waters, mountains and forests, and nature works as our call of the wild.

That incredible peace and calmness that we all experience when we are at the beach, looking at the endless waters is referred now as “blue space”. That is the effect of the combination of soothing smell of the water and the calming sounds of the waves have on our brain. Science says that the blue space makes you feel like hypnotized because it’s a change of how brain reacts to the environment leaving you feeling happy and fulfilled.

The blue space affects you in 4 different ways:

1. Going to the beach reduces stress

Water is nature’s cure to our stress, because of the negative ions that are known for having the ability to makes us feel more Zen-like. So when you jump into the blue waters or just tip-toe yourself in slowly, be sure to have this in mind when you get instant boost and relaxation from the waters!

2. The beach boosts your creativity

When the mind’s at ease, it’s becoming way more productive and your brain is working well creatively with having no obstacles or thoughts that you shouldn’t pay attention to. Being surrounded by blue space actually allows you to clear your head and to try approach your problems differently, in a more creative way.

3. Going to the beach reduces feelings of depression

The beach provides us with decreased feelings and emotions of depression, the sounds of the waves are soothing, simple and repetitive, and the moving of the water itself is too, so it easily puts us into a meditative space (think of the sand therapy tables!). Nature helps us to clear our minds and to center our energies much better than anything else.

4. Spending time on the beach will change your perspective on life

It’s really important to ask ourselves from time to time, even test us how far we came into our lives, do we need to change anything and for the better, what things we can improve and how we should take our next steps into the years to come. Spending time near waters helps our energy and midfield to gradually change and focus on ourselves a bit more.

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