Parents Who Raise Good Kids Do These 4 Things, According to Harvard Psychologists

Times have changed and new times come with new behavior, new habits and attitude completely different than ours when we were kids. Today’s generations get excited about the technology who in reality just distracts them and prevents them from socializing. These new times have brought many challenges to parents and it seems like we can find our spot in this technology-driven world. Every parent tries their best to raise a good kid and that is a very difficult and fulfilling task. Parents are filled with questions regarding their kids and that’s why psychologists from Harvard University found the several elements that are important and basic for every kid’s childhood.

Here are the 4 secrets to raising good kids, according to the Harvard University:

1. Spending quality time with your children 

It’s not enough just to be around, it’s important to spend quality time with your kids. No phones, no X-box, just time spent communicating and bonding. When you talk with your kids, listen carefully, do the things they like and give your child a positive experience.

Your kids prefer having a real person to talk to, share their experience and dreams. Always ask your kids how their day went, listen to them carefully and discuss about their dilemmas. Read them a book before going to bed. Be around them completely and acknowledge their emotions.

2. Teach your kid to care for others

Your child needs to socialize and bond with others. You need to teach your kids to care about other people’s emotions and happiness.
“It’s very important  that children hear from their parents and caretakers that caring about others is a top priority and that it is just as important as their own happiness. Even though most parents and caretakers say that their children being caring is their top priority, often children aren’t hearing the message,” a finding from Harvard says.
Teach your child to do the right thing even though is hard and be a role model for them.

3. Be a strong, moral role model for your child

Children learn the most from their surroundings. Pay attention to your actions and manners, admit your mistakes and faults. Show that you care and that you’re ready to work on your faults. Practice fairness and honesty. Acknowledge your mistakes and talk with your child openly about them. The goal is to show your kid honesty and good manners. Your child will only look up to you if you earn their respect and trust.

4. Teach your kids to practice gratitude and appreciation

A kid that is not spoiled will turn into a person that acknowledges the roles of others in his life and appreciate them. People who are surrounded with gratitude are more likely to be generous, compassionate, helpful and forgiving. These people are more likely to be healthy and happy.
“Expect children to routinely help, for example, with household chores and siblings, and only praise uncommon acts of kindness. When these kinds of routine actions are simply expected and not rewarded, they’re more likely to become ingrained in every day actions.”

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