Productivity-Boosting Decor For Your Office

The environment around us has an impact on how we feel. This is pretty obvious, but the extent of the effect might surprise you. Did you know changing your office decor can make you more productive? It’s true!

You can make huge positive changes without spending tons of money or slaving away on DIY projects. You can turn your office into an inspiring, energizing, motivating place to work.

The best thing about the office decor tips collected here is that they work in almost every office, no matter how big or small.

1) Up Your Lighting Game

Dim light might work with some decor schemes, but it’s directly opposed to productivity. Reading and working in low light causes easily-avoidable eye strain. Whenever possible, maximize the amount of natural light in your office. Opt for sheer window treatments instead of opaque ones. Even if you’re stuck in a place where natural light is beyond your control, you can install bright white bulbs in all the lights you have access to. Better light can make a surprising difference in the amount of energy you carry through to the end of the day.

2) Banish Clutter

Minimalist aesthetics are very trendy right now. They have practical benefits, too! The more clutter you let build up in your office, the more you’re inviting stress and feelings of being overwhelmed. Eliminate clutter whenever possible and cultivate regular neatening habits. You’ll start and end each day in a calmer place when your office is free of clutter.

3) Pick Inspirational Colors

The right colors can make you a dervish of productivity. Research has verified the mood effects different colors have in your environment. Most people find blues mentally stimulating, greens relaxing, and yellows creative. Everyone has unique taste preferences, of course. Study your own preferences and use colors that stimulate you personally wherever you can.

4) Use Energizing Scents

Did you know that neglecting one of your senses can make you get tired (especially mentally) faster? Pay attention to your office’s scent profile! Introducing the right positive notes can make it a much happier space. Citrus odors are great for relaxation, while peppermint is a common energizer. If your works space makes it impossible to use scented candles, don’t worry! Essential oil diffusers can help you up your scent game without posing any fire hazard.

5) Bring In Greenery

Human beings are ultimately natural animals. You may be unintentionally hurting yourself if you don’t give yourself any opportunities to interact with nature. Introducing plants to your office can boost that natural connection and lift your mood. Greenery will also improve the quality of air in your office. The containers you keep plants in give you more opportunities to decorate, too!

6) Motivational Imagery

We all know that “blah” feeling that makes it hard to work at your full potential. A lack of inspiration can send you into a long cycle of low productivity. Take the initiative to find some motivational art you can draw inspiration from when you’re feeling down. Plenty of retailers offer photos, prints, and posters with ready-made motivational messages. Don’t be afraid to pick your own images, though! What matters is that the pieces you pick have a positive impact on you.This branded motivational imagery can also be used outside on laminated billboards in garden areas on building wraps.

7) Storage Makes A Huge Difference

As already noted above, clutter is an enemy to productivity. Many workers put up with clutter for a simple reason: They lack storage space! Tidy storage solutions that fit into your workflow make you more productivity and actually slow down the generation of clutter in the future. Equip your space with attractive containers to handle paperwork, tools, and anything else you need to keep handy.

8) Try A Vision Board

Many offices include a corkboard to track to-do lists and hold other useful information. Make your corkboard into an inspirational tool, too! Add photos and messages that inspire you and remind you of your long-term goals. Keeping the achievements you want to accomplish in sight – literally – can be a tremendous motivational tool.

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