Scientists Discover Biophotons In The Brain That Could Hint Our Consciousness Is Directly Linked To Light!

Science is advancing every single day. We get to know about new wondrous things through groundbreaking researches by scientists. Another interesting discovery has just taken the spotlight. Scientists suggest that the neurons present in the brains of mammals have the ability to produce photons of light, called Biophotons!

These photons interestingly fall into our visible spectrum, ranging from near-infrared through the violet. Does that mean the neurons in our brains can communicate through light energy? Scientists think that they have optical communication channels which pass on the nerve impulses.

This phenomenon may, in turn, be connected to our consciousness. If that’s true, then the more the light neurons catch, the more conscious we will be. But can it actually work this way? Let’s look back to our ancient cultures and religions. Does the idea of light through our brain remind you of something?

We’ve all seen and heard of Gods and spiritual or holy people having a shining circle of light, or halo around or above their heads. Texts and cultures from long ago talk about spiritual beings, saints or enlightened people having a halo. Even Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism among others, have the same depiction. What if this recent scientific discovery is actually connected to it in some way?

We call such holy people to be ‘enlightened’.

This can possibly mean that the glowing light around their heads can be the result of their higher consciousness that they possessed. Their consciousness could have led to the production of more Biophotons by the neurons in their brains.

Can these Biophotons then be a result of this enlightenment? The presence of ‘light’ in that very word does sound very amusing.

But one exciting indication has perhaps been overlooked by scientists. These Biophotons might just imply that our spirit and consciousness do not stay in our bodies at the same time.

As Quantum Entanglement suggests, two photons can affect each other no matter how far and wherever they are in the wide universe. So, if one photon is affected, its counterpart is affected too. And it happens immediately. We do know how fast light travels.

This could necessarily explain that the worlds of our own consciousness and our spirit are different, but connected. Thus, it might be that the spirit and our consciousness, communicate using these Biophotons.

So, wherever our spirit is, our mind, body, and soul are connected to it.

To be fair, there’s still no clear answer about what Consciousness really is. It is still an abstract subject that we do not know much about.

Beyond all of this, we must remember that these are simply assumptions based on discovery. The more we think of ways to connect scientific discoveries with the things we already know of, the more gateways open. These questions that have come up might lead to some other scientific advancement. It can even give us explanations about things that cannot yet be explained.

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