If You See Any Of These 13 Animals You Are Being Called Upon

Humans are indeed very spiritual creatures and we are capable of more possibilities than we actually know but we aren’t the only spiritual creatures on Earth. There are animals who we might see very often and it’s a sign that there is a vibrations that you both share and will lead you to be more attentive towards certain manner.

Animals are very sensitive and are able to detect frequencies and attract positive vibrations or any kind of vibrations. If you share a positive vibration, you might see certain animals that are around you or headed your way. They might be weirdly comfortable with you or even approach you!

Animals have a much bigger purpose on this earth than serving as food to humans. They are unique and spiritual creatures created by the cosmos to fulfill their own tasks for the metaphysical. They are conscious, sentient beings that have dignity, feelings and respect. Ancient documents and cultures have talked much about the spiritual significance of animals. For example, the ancient Egyptian cultures were very protective over their cats because they said they made bad energy and spirits flee. Even today, people keep house cats to banish all the negative energies.

Just by observing the animal’s behavior we can learn a lot about the universe and the primal instincts we have. When you observe them, you are feeling the deepest connections as a spiritual beings between you and the animal that you chose to observe. Here’s a list of animals, that you might see often on your way,with their energy and meaning.

1. Hawk

Hawks are explained as very wise animals, spiritual and old souls. They guide us more than you think. Their keen eyes and strong wings are a sign of resilience and power from the universe.

2. Eagle

The eagle is a universal symbol of freedom, and no wonder why it’s the symbol of the United States. The eagle represents high consciousness and gives spiritual protection.

3. Raven

Ravens and crows are mostly known as a “bad sign”. They come to you as a warning to reevaluate your life path and decisions you are making. Seeing crows and ravens can indicate that you are going to enter a death and rebirth cycle.

4. Cardinal

Cardinals are birds that are often associated with a message from a deceased loved one. They are mostly related to the spirits of the deceased males, such as father, grandfather, lover etc.

5. BlueJay

Bluejays are like cardinals, but the opposite gender. They bring a message from a deceased loved female, which means that they’re trying to connect with you.

6. Praying Mantis

The praying mantis is a sign to be still and to listen to your peace. It’s a sign to remind us to be still and patient, and peaceful.

7. Lizard

When you see lizards, it’s a sign that you need to pay attention more to your dreams. You might also see lizards a lot if you experience great amounts of deja-vu.

8. Snake

The snake, or the serpent is often viewed as a symbol of evil. If you are hanging around with the wrong people, you may found yourself running into snakes more often.

9. Dragonfly

Dragonflies remind us that we are never alone. Pay more attention to the people who care about you, because they won’t leave you.

10. Ladybug

The ladybug is a sign of a good luck and happiness. If you see one, pay more attention and graditute to your loved ones.


Butterflies are here to remind us of the power of transformation. They have transformed themselves from caterpillars to butterflies, and are sign that you should not be afraid of changing and transforming in your life.

12. Wolves

Seeing wolves by itself is a bad sign, but it’s also a bad spiritual sign too. They come as a warning, so when it happens pay close attention, and pay attention to people that are around you. They might need you.

13. Owl

Owls are big wisdom symbols. They have large, wise eyes that can reveal a soul when looking into them. They are also reminders to pay attention to your intuition.

Source: Awareness Act


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