The Size Of Your Hand Says A Lot About Your Personality

There are many ways and techniques that help us find out more about ourselves, about the things that are subtle and we don’t really notice them. Here we will include astrology, palm readings, meditation, or books, music, movies, and some other things that we find ourselves into and truly enjoy them and help us create our character.

But, even the size of the hand can speak a lot about our personality. As the tool of the soul, hands speak several things from your personality to what’s happening in your life. We all know that hands do many things like wave, point, gesture, touch, slap, and caress. Hold and shake. But every action of our hands says a lot about our true personality, character or nature.

Helen Elizabeth Evans, an analyst of hands and fingerprints, states this: “The more obvious characteristics in our hands don’t change but the finer lines, the color, how we hold our fingers can all change depending on our feelings, health and how we are using our energy. The lines on your right hand represent your public personality and the other, your private life.”

Do you know? 

Your hand is made up of 27 bones, 123 ligaments, and 29 joints, which makes all the gripping, gesturing and investigation.

Let’s measure the size of your hands.

Place your left-hand thumb on the inside of your right hand’s elbow and stretch your hand upwards towards your wrist.  If you are able to reach your wrist easily, then your hands are small in size, but if you don’t, then your hands are big in size.

What means having a small hand?

Having a small hand implicates that you are a frank soul that loves to take adventures and often find yourself in a trouble that you made it. But you do have a realistic approach to the surroundings and yourself, so you do want to solve the problem directly in a sort of a logical and practical way. Personal relationships have some dramatic moments.

What means having a large hand?

It means that you are born a perfectionist and like to spend time to perfect even the smallest of things, without caring how much time it consumes. Due to this, you are never on time, but you are far better worker than anybody else. You also have an impulsive personality who usually overreacts, especially when someone’s criticizing you.

What about the shape of the palms?

The shape of the palm also gives away parts of your character. For example, a square hand speaks that you are very practical and rational. It also tells you’re a good mathematician, and maybe if you’re really not that good into math, this means that your calculations and ratio are working far better when solving problems, you can easily depend on your logical manner and not really rely on your instincts.

Those with rectangular palm shape have a spontaneous personality, who instantly go about solving their problems by doing what their instinct says.

For those people whose heart line appears as a strong line on the palm tells that the person should get involved in more activities that boost them up. And the life-line on the palm of your hand doesn’t mean that it tells about the duration of your life (if it’s long line, or short) but it tells of our stamina. The more visible and long the line is, the more stamina the person has.

The size of the fingers?

People who have long-size fingers are having problems with curiosity. People with short-finger are made to be good leaders. A little finger that’s held-apart, means that you have trust issues.A bent-top finger means that you are focused on doing what feels right to you, or have a sense of knowing the right thing.

A long index finger means that respect is a good motivator.

And, a longer ring finger means that you seek validation, and applause from others.

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One comment on “The Size Of Your Hand Says A Lot About Your Personality”

  1. TK says:

    Contradictive info.
    “If you are able to reach your wrist easily, then your hands are small in size, but if you don’t, then your hands are big in size.”
    Then the diagrams show the opposite.
    I’d assume an easy reach means big but the text does NOT say that.

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