Why Strong People Attract Difficult Relationships

It’s not always smooth for strong people, in fact, strong people gained their strength after many hardships in their life. People often think that those who are strong are experiencing difficulties more easily because “they can handle it”. Yes, they can, but that doesn’t devalue the heaviness of the difficulty they are dealing with.

Maybe one of the biggest test in our lives are connected with the relationships, and we’re not talking about only the romantic ones, but also family relationships, relationships with the humanity, with ourselves and the deep connections we make with various forms in our lives.

Strong people can often attract themselves with difficult people to be surrounded with, or be involved with people that are making their life more difficult. Therefore, we are mentioning 3 types of relationships: the soulmate relationship, the healing relationship, and the karmic relationship.

1. The Soulmate Relationship

The soulmate relationship isn’t as we depict the ideal relationships. We often think it’s perfect, just because it’s soulmate doesn’t mean that it’s saved from the negativity that we are surrounded by, sadly.

The positive sides in these relationships are more than the average one, because both of the people are growing together, facing hardships together and no matter what happens, they are still together by their sides. It’s really hard to break this relationship because both of the people feel connected even after saying that is over.

2. Healing Relationship

Some people are destined to be healers. There are also relationships that we’ve been through when the emotional healing becomes way more important than the love. These are the relationships when we both appreciate the person we’re with, but the main goal around that relationship turn to both self-healing and healing the partner.

After the people feel good again, they eventually move on and turn to friends. There is good, deep understanding in these relationships and both of them can be sure that what they’ve passed through will keep it with themselves for a long time.

3. Karmic Relationship

This is by fact the most frequent relationships that can happen. Usually most of our relationships with people are karmic relationships, and you’ll get the feel like “you’ve met somewhere before”, because your conversations starts like you have been together for a lifetime. This is a sign that the relationship is karmic, and once you find out that it is, you’ll later find out if this karma is good or bad.

Some relationships that are karmic can be a blessing, and some can be a karmic curse. The point of these relationships is to continue where you stopped before in one of your previous lives, to solve the task you were into and to fulfill it. Once the task is done, the karmic connection will break. These relationships will have huge impact of our lives, they can progress us or reverse us. Maybe most important, they’ll make us wiser.

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