8 Things You Wanna Know About Heaven But You’re Embarrassed to Ask

1. Will heaven be boring?

Tom Sayer, in Huckleberry Finn explains when Miss Watson told him that heaven is a good place, a place where a person goes around all day holding a harp and singing.

This idea that you’ll do nothing when in Heaven comes from the Revelation 4:8. Humans will worship God when in Heaven, reigning with him forever.

2. Will we recognize our loved ones in heaven?

If you have lost a loved one, you’ve been probably asking if they’ll recognize you when you go to heaven. This question has arisen from Isaiah 65:17 and the misunderstanding -“For behold, I create new heavens and a new earth, and the former things shall not be remembered or come into mind.”

Previous verses explain that God has forgotten the previous troubles, not because he doesn’t want to remember, but because he doesn’t want to punish anyone.

Isaiah in his verse 65:17 actually wants to say that God will not remember our sins and will not hold them against us when we’re in heaven.

3. Will I lose my sense of touch, taste and smell?

This question probably came up after watching the movie “City of Angels”. The main character, played by Nicolas Cage, is an angel that can’t touch, smell or taste.

Well, the Bible doesn’t claim this. When Jesus rises from the dead, people touched him and ate with him. According to Philippians 3:21, if Jesus could touch, taste and smell, we’ll probably be able to do the same when in heaven.

4. Will people have halos and wings in heaven?

Many artists draw humans with wings in heaven. Although many artists portray deceased people as angels, the Bible doesn’t describe angels with wings.

When a body gets in heaven, it will be the same as it was on Earth. When Jesus resurrected, he didn’t get any wins.

When it comes to halos, Daniel 12:3 explains that those who rise will shine really bright, forever and ever. Halos aren’t mentioned anywhere in the Bible. Artists draw halos on religious figures and important people to make them stand out, so the story of halos is just a theory.

5. Will heaven be plain white?

Have you noticed that movies, paintings and TV often show heaven as an all white place? Don’t you think that they make heaven look sterile?

In the revelation, the gates of heaven are made of pearls, the walls are colorful and the whole place is gold. In the middle of heaven, there’s a river surrounded by all sorts of fruit bearing trees.

6. Is heaven in the clouds?

We all have this idea that heaven is above us, on the white clouds. The Bible says differently. The word heaven has 3 meanings: the cosmos that contains planets and stars, the sky and the unseen God’s realm where angels live.

The Bible says that when the day comes God will dissolve the physical cosmos and then God will create a new earth and heavens.

7. Do people become angels in heaven?

Do people who go to heaven become angels?

You need to know that angels were created even before the earth was. They’re spirits that will inherit salvation.

So truth is, people don’t turn to angels when they pass away. When people are at the end of ages, the angels will separate the righteous from the evil. God will then transform their bodies to be like his magnificent body, powerful and spiritual.

8. Will shame keep us from enjoying heaven?

There are people who fear that remembering the terrible things they’ve done in their life, will be too painful when they get to heaven. There is no need to be ashamed because God will forgive our sins if we confess them.

We need to accept God’s forgiveness and overcome the shame so that we could enter heaven peacefully.

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