Warning Signs of a Stroke

Please go through this and send it to everyone you know. A person’s life can be saved by reading this and it is not difficult to remember.

There is a new symptom that indicates the onset of a stroke. If you pass this to ten other people, you will most likely save one person’s life. Will you pass it on? Be it a blood clot or a stroke, there is now a new sign – the tongue.

Jane was having a good time at a holiday barbecue when she tripped on something and fell. But she felt perfectly okay and she told the other guests that she probably just didn’t notice a stone or something. They helped her up and gave her a fresh helping of food. She looked a little shaken but she continued to have a good time.

But later that day, her husband notified all their friends and family that he’d admitted her to a hospital. She died that same day. She had actually had a stroke at the barbecue and if the symptoms had been identified, she could have been saved. There are many like Jane who did not pay attention to their symptoms. Those who survive often survive varying degrees of paralysis.

Neurologists advice that those who suffer from a stroke must be brought to the hospital before three hours are up if they wish to fully recover. But is hard to identify the symptoms and get the necessary care in that short time.

All you need to remember are three simple steps collectively known as STR.

The signs of an oncoming stroke are not easy to spot and for those who are unaware, it can be fatal. Strokes can also adversely affect the brain if they aren’t treated in those three hours. Even a layman can figure out if someone is having a stroke by checking for these three things.

S – Check if they can smile

T – Make them say a proper sentence

R – See if they can lift their arms above their head

If they find it difficult to do any of these things, get them medical attention immediately and be sure to properly explain the issue to the doctors.

The latest method of diagnosing a stroke

Recently, doctors have also discovered another symptom of a stroke. Ask them to put out their tongue. If it is not straight and tends to fall to one side, that is also a symptom of a stroke.

Doctors say that if each person who reads this shows this to ten others, they can save the life of another person. I have done my share and now it is time for you to do yours. Share this article on all your social media accounts and you might end up being a hero for someone else.

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