What Do Women Actually Like In Men?

For centuries, men have wondered what attributes does a woman look for in her partner. What attracts them towards men? There have been studies conducted, but there isn’t any conclusive result since every woman wants different things, which makes sense.
However, there are a few, common things that have been listed by researchers in all studies and here they are, to make your love lives a bit easier.


Who would have known! Thick eyebrows are a rage in women these days but it turns out that women not only like bushy eyebrows on themselves, but they quite like it on men too. In fact, men become even more attractive to them.

Square chin

A square chin and jaw are symbols of virility and women are understandably drawn to men who have these features. Not everyone can have this feature so the men who do, it is time for you to say your thanks.


This one is not really a mystery, now, is it? Facial hair is a huge plus point and it is common knowledge. A well kept and thick beard will always make heads turn and get you all the attention that you could possibly want. Remember to maintain it, though. An unkempt beard is a strict no-no.


We think that people want perfection, but that is not the case at all. It would not be wrong to say that perfection is overrated, because a few inundations on a man’s face tell stories. These are the kind of stories that women want to know because they are likely to be full of adventure and thrill.

Shy, muted smiles

Sure, we all love a healthy dose of charisma, but there is nothing more adorable than the shy, muted smile of a guy a woman is talking to. There is something that inspires affection in a smile that is a bit dorky and a lot shy. A smile like that even makes people more comfortable.


A woman matures much faster than a man, which is why she feels more secure and safe when she is with a man who is a little older. A study shows that any woman is likely to choose an older man even if he is not as good looking as the younger man.

Financial security and thrift

The general belief is that wealth attracts women but we have our reservations. Research shows that good financial decisions attract women and not wealth, not necessarily so.

Having a pet

The logic here is simple. It makes you look more responsible and makes them know that you have the ability to take care of another living being. When you have a pet, you are automatically more loving, caring, and sensitive.

Musical ability

There is just something about a man who can work an instrument or his voice. An artistic man is attractive to one and all. His creative powers have a charm of their own and any woman would love to have a man who can express his feelings through music!

Being funny

This one rules popular culture, isn’t it? If you can make a girl laugh, half your job is done. A sense of humor is the key to break the ice while conversing with a woman. A man who can make her laugh frequently is obviously attractive for her.

So, are you aware of what you need to do now to make things work?

All the luck to you people!

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