What Your Favorite Color Says About Your Personality

Did you know that the color that you like the most also reflects your personality traits? According to a study in color psychology, colors reflect a person’s shades of behavior and personality. Broadly speaking, ten colors are directly associated with our temperament, these being: red, green,orange, purple, yellow, white, black, pink,blue, and brown.

The following comparison is applicable to both genders differently and you may not entirely agree with the characteristic details given below. Having said that, if more than one color is your favorite, you will find an accurate match with your personality with the right combination of color and traits.

Understanding personality traits through color psychology

1. Red

You admire passion and strength. Those around you can feel your radiant energy, which may sometimes come across as aggressive. You prefer action to words and you live life to its fullest.

2. Green

You are like nature—balanced, hopeful, and peaceful. Your sincerity and gentleness is a calming presence to those around you. Modesty is your most obvious trait. You cultivate love with your warmth and you also seek love from those around you.

3. Yellow

Your nature reflects the brightness and the cheerfulness of the color that you like. Optimism, care, and warmth are your dominant traits. You possess wisdom and learning which offer to those around you.

You blend these traits with humor with imagination.

4. Blue

If blue is your choice of color then you seek inner peace and happiness. You are considerate, loyal, and patient in behavior. You are sensitive towards others’ perception of you while own your beliefs are rather difficult to change.

You are also creative and imaginative in nature.

5. Black

The choice of this color makes you attractive and enigmatic. Your intelligence and authoritative nature makes you a natural leader.People consider you reliable and often depend on you.

At the same time you reserve your private life from those around you and maintain your mysteriousness.

6. Orange

If you like the color orange then you are the most carefree person and are very tolerant in nature. Though your social behavior and cheerfulness may sometimes come across as pretense, you do at times still feel lonely in a large crowd.

7. Pink

People consider you approachable if pink is the color you most relate to. Your caring and romantic nature makes you considerate towards others’ needs above yours.

Your charm and kindness attracts those around you. At the same time they may unintentionally hurt your delicate and sensitive nature.

8. Brown

You reflect comfort, safety, and steadiness if brown is the color that you like. Your preference is also for an equally safe and secure life lived in a simplistic manner.

Loyalty, honesty, and patience are your main traits.

9. White

A life with simplicity, purity, and innocence is what you wish for if your desired color is white. You have an untainted and optimistic nature.

You are driven by logic and practicality instead of emotions. Your formula for life is perfection, which often makes you self-critical.

10. Purple

If this color is your favorite then you represent peace and harmony. You like finesse and creativity in work. You may be dominating but in a unique way. Your wit and ambition keeps your brain sharp and you always aim high in life.

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    According to these colours what apprentice work can individual learnt through this colour

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