Why Dance is Just as Important as Math in School

What would your reaction be if someone told you that dance was as important as maths, and should be inculcated in the youth by making it mandatory in school? Slightly surprised, I would guess. Well, it’s true, and it’s necessary, for dance uses the same dynamics as maths does. The mental taxation that is seemingly evident in maths, is similar to the carefully analyzed choreography that makes most people shed their skins out of frustration. Dance is hard, my friend.

However much the world looks upon it as a ‘girly’ thing to do, I wouldn’t go amiss putting Michael Jackson and Gottfried Leibniz on the same scale. Akin to maths, dance is deep-rooted in every culture and symbolized humanity. Dance is in every soul, for as a human, expressing things, and believing that you are able to express them in a correct way, is what is most important. No one invented it. It’s been there since ages, and like maths, would continue to remain so.

It could be sacred to different cultures, and is used as worship in temples, in various religions all over the world. As Sir Ken Robinson tells us, “It is the physical expression through movement and rhythm of relationships, feelings and ideas.” Schools have always primarily focused on academic intelligence more than the ability to express themselves to people which ultimately decides their fate.

“Dance can help restore joy and stability in troubled lives and ease the tensions in schools disrupted by violence and bullying” says Ken Robinson. Dance has always been the one to unite both genders and this has been proved by the New York Dance Classrooms that unify both genders through the nuances of dances, where they stress on salsa, and other forms that would encompass both the male and female.

Ballroom dancing has always been a social event, ever since Pride and Prejudice made it popular. It teaches people how to be cooperative towards each other and collaborate for a society that would be peaceful and efficient.

Dance also helps in an active workforce of the country. The qualities they bestow in a person are extremely needed to decide if the country would be great in a few years or if it would go down the drain. This equates to maths as it is necessary to learn several qualities that would determine the development of a human being into something productive that would be beneficial for the society as well as the individual himself.

Dance and maths have an influence in every society for they are useful for the society to flourish and work towards the betterment of the nation, for such essential skills like dancing or maths should be initiated from an early age, so that by the time someone becomes an adult it would be in their blood and they would utilize it to the best of their abilities. Ultimately, it is the society that would befit, which is essentially the reason why they should be initiated in the first place.

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