When A Woman Is Done There Is Nothing To Change Her Mind

Women in their nature are tolerable and can pass bravely through many hardships in their lives. They can handle more until they decide that it’s over. Maybe we think and we understand women as indecisive, once she makes up her mind nothing and no one will change that.

This also refers to dating and relationships, whether they are long relationships or newbie’s. If she feels like something is crossing the line, or the person she’s with is crossing her lines, she’ll end it immediately.

So, if you did something bad, if you made a mistake it’s time to act fast, before she’ll kick you out! If she really means to you, don’t play with her feelings, because you’ll never know how you’ll get it in your face. Luckily there’s always a chance that women give if you really try hard to make it up to her, if she gave you any.  But once you screw up it’s over.

1.The right thing was never easy to do

If he’s stupid enough to walk away, you should never bring him back.

Be smart enough to let him go.

You read this in a girl’s mind and voice, right? Because that’s what they think. If you leave her, she won’t get you back.

2. She will not come back

We got you a lovely quote: “The problem is women think he will change, he won’t. The mistake men make is thinking she’ll never leave, she will.”

3. What reason does she have to stay?

Think about this, a little more in depth. You hurt her, you broke her, all the trust and love she had for you is now gone. You’ve played her. Now she won’t trust you, and above that all, if you really did her bad, do you think she deserves you? She thinks she doesn’t, and she’s right.

4. It takes some time but you’ll get the hang of it

Maybe some things weren’t made for you. As much as she wasn’t meant to have you, maybe you weren’t meant to have her. Time will pass and you’ll get used to it.

5. Emotions need to change before love can return

As mentioned before, if you want to get her back you need to make her forgive you. Forgiving also means changing her emotions now towards you, because she’ll still feel the pain after what you messed up. Try harder to ignite the fire in her again.

6. Keep remembering the lovely memories, but create new

Reminiscing about the good old days when you were happy is good, but don’t mention them in front of her, only in given situation. Try to create new ones that will be worth remembering. New memories can give a new meaning to the relationship and will give you new passion to both of you.

7. Fresh starts are compelling but beneficial

Sometimes it’s better to give the old relationship a new go before drifting into a new one immediately. If you feel that the love you had was genuine and pure, it’s maybe the best to try and work it out once again.

8. Both partners must be self-secure if they want secure relationship

Knowing oneself and not be afraid to be who you are, and so is your partner will give you confidence to work together and be together for a long time. Partners that are insecure in themselves will always find something to be upset about. Being constantly upset will lead to breaking up the relationship.

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  1. Ability G. says:

    You have to publish this righting, make enough sence

    1. Donna says:

      Learn to spell Ability if your going to comment.
      Does that make sense?

      1. Anon says:


      2. ZED says:

        Pardon my interjection; but… that was, obviously, a harsh comment – directed at an individual who meant well (despite their limited ability to communicate well in/via the English Language)! Doesn’t make sense.

        1. didi says:

          nice one dear

        2. Terfa says:

          Thanks, you appear to be my kind!

      3. Dele says:

        Donna, you should also learn the use of right words ( you are or you’re instead of your ) if you intend making a fool of others.

      4. Laila Abderrahman says:

        Shut up you abusive idiot leave her alone, she didn’t do anything to you, you crazy narcissist

  2. Deborah Mwania says:

    Absolutely true

  3. Warren L. says:

    Women make it so important that they do all they can to make it work because it is…. IMPORTANT….. Guys delay til it is almost gone before it becomes… IMPORTANT. Maybe it is age related… I think so but…I am a GUY

    1. Diane Asenoguan says:

      Warren L. I hope you never have a female to love and support you. You my friend dont even deserve a mother. Go be a guy all by yourself along with your other butch mates.

  4. Veronica walindi says:

    Very very correct

  5. Mauricia Smith says:

    Thats all facts and true,i let go after 17yrs of trying to hold on. I stil love him but it s more carimg love. He s suffering but has a pride too. After letting go i could live again. To love again,i ll have to work on.

  6. muyunda Ililonga says:

    Well i think it depends… not all women and not all men are the same. some women are quick at making life-time decisions so there is no “straight jacket” so t say.

  7. Jeannie says:


  8. Sharlene Grady says:

    There is a very fine line between love and hate and once a woman has been push over the line, she is done and nothing will change her mind….we love with our whole heart and our hearts will endure more damage than any man could conceive of taking….but once we reach the limit and cross over the line….we will pick up the pieces of our broken hearts, and shattered dreams and will begin to put ourselves back together again. The sorry man that cause the pain and lost dreams will never be able to do that to us again. We are strong, hear us roar!

    1. gracygirl5867 says says:

      The inner strength of a woman. She does not know until she is facing, and has accepted that she needs to love her self more and her happiness is her responsibility, no one else’s. It is time to move on alone. Sublimate aloneness to a higher perspective …. and Woman you will find yourself , cured and ready to tackle the world again. I have done it, no turning back. I am a strong, free, independent woman. I do not roar, but I have a grin and a smile in my face. Happier and content, my faith stronger.

      1. marsiede says:

        I am inspired by what you said. hope to hear more of what you have in mind. can we be friends? 😊

    2. GennyL says:

      How can you tell if you have a broken heart?
      Well, for one thing,if you have a broken heart…you can’t sleep at night…when you roll over in bed, the jagged edges poke you in the side…
      Talking to an expert!!!

  9. Rufus Pearce says:

    “if you want to get her back you need to MAKE HER FORGIVE YOU”
    Great advice there, really fantastic (y)

  10. Linda says:

    Men should observant, when it comes to their partners’ emotions. Many a time, men ignore this and theit women do break down…that when they (women) sometimes act in a way they shouldn’t.

    1. Linda says:

      should *be*

  11. CMS says:

    You think you know someones life, like its black or white. However, married 28 yrs., wanting to leave him daily. We have had 4 kids, 3 grown gone daughter 15 in her sophomore year all girls catholic school. Doing great! Leaving for me means a battle with a man that won’t let go. Flipping a child life upside down. I have no career or college education. Yes I get half but getting their is like WW3. Sometimes I look at it and it’s just easier for me to wait out the 3 years left til my daughter goes off to college then leave. Guys treat your women always with respect n love even when it feels like an old boring relationship because while you are feeling like this so is she but she still looks at you and loves you so. The little things go along way for a women a touch, a loving look, or even a I love you baby when she least expects it. You wouldn’t do wrong to your mother would you? Same as your loving wife…

    1. Melody says:

      I am in the same boat. I still have 5 years to go until the youngest go to college.

      1. gigi says:

        I have 13-16-18 yr olds…
        I am leaving because, I realized; I need to teach them how to love themselves.
        In the future, I want them to see me Loved and Happy!
        I need them to see what that looks like.
        I also need them to know that I can still love their father, without accepting the negative into my day.
        Talk to your kids…they see and know more than you think!

  12. sheila says:

    The lady who feel hurt because her love dnt care for her . How does a mom feel when daughters hurt her . Calling her dirty names , been single for 30 years an careing for 4 kids from 2years to 9 years old ??

  13. Melissa Crews says:

    It’s true a woman will endure more pain and forgive more than a man. Once a man is hurt, he doesn’t care. A woman can be shattered a few times and still feel unconditional love and want to work things out. It’s sad that most of the time when a woman wants to talk, men assume she’s complaining and shut her out. I’ve just reached the giving up point after 10 years with the man I thought was my soulmate. It’s hard and painful, but I know I deserve a man that appreciates a great woman. Until he comes along, I’m content being by myself.

  14. Ilona says:

    Interesting topic. Men are ready to fix things and don’t hold onto anger and are ready to forgive quicker than women. Women have contemplated every aspect of the relationship. From broken communication, control issues, intimacy, entitlement issues and the list goes on. When a person has had it and more to life is on the other side of the relationship the jump is necessary when the man just doesn’t get it and looks like he never will. When broken communication and the willingness to reconnect through setting new agreements are exausted the door is the easiest option. Never to return.

  15. Orji nk says:

    As if this write up is for me.Done and dusted.No love no trust.

  16. Jie says:

    Right.. everybody’s deserves for a second chance.. but my ex crossed the line again.. so i made a decision that he will probably regret for the rest of his life.

    1. Amos Saysay says:

      You must first Love yourself before you can Love an other persos .love is about showing that you care about the relationship or Marriage .

  17. Kattie says:

    I met a man who lied to me from beginning, I moved in with him. All the lies started to became clearer.
    He is so needy, he needed me to provide for him financially, physically and emotionally. He borrowed so much of my
    Money, tricked me to help cleaned up and fixed up his house to sell to pay me. After I putted in ten of thousands of dollars
    He decided not to sell his house and pay me back. He lied, manipulated, controlled, used God as way to manipulated
    Me to stay with him. I walked out even he did not pay me back. He still wants me to go back. He called, texted. I blocked him.
    He sent emails to ask me to go back. He still did not think anything wrong with the relationship. I am strong, independent, financially
    Stable and don’t need him to pull me down with him. I don’t trust him and I can not. Live with anyone that willingly to scam
    Someone that he professed to God that he Loved with all his heart!

    1. Bobbi says:

      I don’t know where you live but you should be able to put a lien on the house, when it sells in the search for a clear title it comes up if they miss the lien the company doing the search is responsible for your lien. The lien is paid out of the proceeds of selling the house. This is not to be construed as legal advice but general information each state and country is different and is highly recommeneded you obtain advice from an attorney that works in Real Estate Etc.

    2. Bobbi says:

      I don’t know where you live but you should be able to put a lien on the house, when it sells in the search for a clear title it comes up, if they miss the lien the company doing the search is responsible for your lien. The lien is paid out of the proceeds of selling the house. This is not to be construed as legal advice but general information each state and country is different and is highly recommeneded you obtain advice from an attorney that works in Real Estate Etc.

  18. Abhi says:

    And what a woman do ,when she cheats ,and keep her love alive ?? Does she feel pain while she is caught ?? What would she do now ?? Can she forget ??

  19. Kathleen Brecheisen says:

    I have been with the same man for 8 years and am ready to get out. I will always love him but am no longer in love with him. I am staying because of our dogs (who are like our children) and plan to move out of town away from him so I can make a clean break. I don’t want to give him a chance to try to get back with me. It’s definitely over.

  20. Teresa says:

    am in a relationship with a man who have 4 kids
    he can’t stay with me cos I don’t have a house
    am staying with my sister
    he stay with his wife and kids but he sometimes visit me once or twice a week
    he broke my heart when he end our relationship
    i beg him to stay for just 3 more month before my due date but he don’t want to so I leave a week late he return and ask me to forgive him so I forgive him
    but still now i am confuse cos he still stay with his wife he just can’t leave his children it’s the hardest thing for me to accept that he still stay with his wife
    what to do ?

    1. olivia says:

      thats self explanatory. leave him permanently

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