10 Good Reasons Why Some Relationships Fail While Others Are Totally “Nailing It”

When we are in a relationship, we want it to last. But for many of us, it takes a wrong turn and we end up with breaking up. When we have formed the idea of a permanent relationship in our mind and it does not follow through, it breaks us apart. However, there are many couples who continue to stay strong in a beautiful relationship. These are some of the essential qualities that they have which makes them stay strong. These skills can be learned and hence, you can imagine yourself in a strong relationship too:

1. The past remains the past

Separations happen but we should not allow it to define our present. Successful couples have been able to move on from terrible breakups of the past do not let the past or the idea of an ex define their current relationship. It’s a new start for them.

2. The Right Balance

Relationships have to be mutual. If you give too much, you can be exploited while, if you only take, then you are selfish. It should be a mutual thing and so the right balance is the key to success.

3. Personal Space

Once you are in a relationship, you should not forget that you are a person with your own life and your friend’s circle too. So, try to have your personal space protected and respect the personal space of others too. Keeping and respecting personal space is a sign of a good relationship.

4. Communicate Properly

Communication is necessary for any good relationship to last. So, you have to learn to communicate in a genuine manner. If you had been a person who was not heard as a child, then you might feel scared to communicate, but you have to try. Communication itself creates an environment that makes it safe for word flow to take place.

5. Language of Love

There are five kinds of love language: Physical Touch, Acts of Service, Gift Giving, Quality Time, and Words of Affirmation. Find out which is the language of love that your partner prefers and see to it that both your needs are met properly.

6. Having A Laugh

A sense of humor lightens up the entire day. When you are with a person who can just take away your stress by cracking a joke then you know that you are blessed. Making each other laugh builds a strong foundation in any relationship.

7. No False Expectations

We are all flawed and if we expect perfection from people, then we are bound to be disappointed. So, don’t place unfair expectations on your partner and accept their weaknesses and flaws. It will help you to humanize the relationship.

8. Stop Projecting

We are often attracted to those people who have some qualities which we would like to have. But that should not cause any insecurity within us. If any kind of insecurity starts to form within us, we start to project it outside and as a result, our relationship turns stale. We must take relationships as something that will help us grow.

9. Expecting The Good

When you expect something, it will start to happen. If you are always suspicious about the relationship and believe that it will fall apart, then it will fall apart. So, start expecting the possibility of greatness in your relationship or permanence, and somehow, you will work in a way to fulfil that expectation.

10. Love

It might sound obvious, but each partner loves the other fully and compliments them as a whole being. This love can only be formed when you allow yourself to be naked in your vulnerability and are not hiding behind fear. Love can heal all such problems if you allow it.

Relationships are hard work but if you follow these tips, you can end up with a wonderful relationship that stays forever.

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