10 Reasons an Alpha Woman Would Rather Be Single Than Settle For a Lousy Relationship

1. She can focus on taking care of herself

An alpha woman does not need a man to fulfill her needs and desires. She has worked her way up the ladder to make a name for herself. She has a lot of work to do through which she can provide for herself.

2. She doesn’t need anyone to be holding her back

An alpha woman has grown up on her own. She has stumbled a lot of time, but every time she fell she got up on her feet. She doesn’t need a man’s shoulder to cry on. She is a strong, independent woman who can get her troubles alone.

3. She has no time to deal with unnecessary drama

Being an independent woman is very difficult. She has to go through a lot every day and she cannot pay attention to unnecessary drama. A man who displays a lot of drama is not worth her while.

4. She knows how to deal with solitude better than disappointment and heartbreak

Disappointments and heartbreaks can sometimes be fatal enough to make a woman emotionally unstable and also break her mind. For an alpha woman being weak is not an option as she has to deal with the world every day. Trading such trauma for solitude suits her better.

5. She knows that she doesn’t want a fallback

An alpha woman is very transparent. She is what she shows the world, both in and out. She doesn’t lie about her nature just to make others happy. She wants people to love her for whom she truly is.

6. She wants to burn bridges with toxic people

An alpha woman understands the importance of friends in her life. But she will never tolerate people pulling her down like crabs. She always loses ties with people are just mere acquaintances as she does not have time for unimportant people in her life.

7. She doesn’t need a man to give her a sense of completion

An alpha woman is a one-man army. She doesn’t need a man to make her feel whole or complete. She stands alone in the crowd and is capable of dealing with problems without any help from others. She recognizes the flaws in her and does the best to fill those gaps.

8. She doesn’t want to force something that isn’t meant to happen

An alpha woman is very optimistic in nature. She has faith in herself and in god. She believes that if anything has to happen then it will happen. She is not over-confident and does not wait time on things that might never happen.

9. She doesn’t want to deprive herself of finding the real man of her dreams

Everyone deserves happiness and so does an alpha woman. She is strong, confident and cannot deal with people who have a lot of drama but she will never give up the hope of finding a good man for herself.

10. She knows that the love of self is the most important kind of love

In order to love others, loving your own self is very important. If you cannot accept who you truly are then you will never be able to accept others. An alpha woman is very much familiar with the concept of self-love.

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