7 Harsh Signs That Your Relationship Doesn’t Have A Future

Relationships are a lot to maintain. It requires time, attention and a desire to be with each other. When that shakes, somewhere down the line, the relationship falls apart. This could also be the reason for so many relationships falling. People aren’t interested in commitment, and relationships have turned out to be just like their fast paced lives. Relationship is a tricky business, and when people are unable to play the game properly, other people get hurt.

Here are few signs that would enable you to understand that your relationship is very shaky.

1. Exclusion From Their Lives

When your partner doesn’t want you to be a part of their life anymore, constantly denying your presence, and creating a void between you, and them, it is time for you to understand that your relationship is not at all going strong. Relationship works when both partners would bring each other into their lives, and make them a part of it.

2. Move On

When your folks tell you to move on, instead of move in, you know that your relationship is not going strong. Both partners need to understand that you need to move on, only after you have broken up. If you are still asked to move on while you are in a relationship, nothing is going correct, and the end is very near.

3. They Don’t Bring Out The Best In You

Nothing screams “leave” more than this. You should know, that a relationship is all about motivating each other to be the best they can. Encouraging, being there for your lover, and expecting them to be there too. But, when that doesn’t seem to be the option, it is a result of miscommunication, and a disinterest to be the perfect self you have always imagined with them. It’s best, you end it.

4. Investment

90% relationships break because people think it has turned one sided. When your partner doesn’t seem to be doing any thing for you, and you are simply investing more and more time into them, you should realize that people shouldn’t be treated that way. You need to understand your own self respect, and the fact that they don’t accept you anymore. You are just a tissue paper.

5. Commitment

In this fast paced universe, people hardy commit. When your partner doesn’t seem to be willingly committing to you people coming together in mutual respect and love for each other, you should know that this relationship is bound to fail. Commitment to be with one another, commitment to respect and trust one another. This is important, for without commitment, your relationship is null, and void.

6. Difference of Opinions

It is okay if people have different opinions. But there are some factors, when both have to agree to each other. When this doesn’t seem to come into play, owing to mutual dislike, or disagreements, you should know that the distance between you and them has increased, and it will never come together.

7. Use

You realize you are not important to them, and they are just using you to satisfy themselves. They don’t care about your self-worth, and the one thing that needs to be realized is that you deserve more than that. Call it splits, and get on with your life.

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