10 Strange Things Empaths Do that Only Authentic Empaths Will Understand

It seems that you have discovered yourself as an empath and want to know the exact signs! Once you learn the tricks of psychic protection, it’s way much easier to be energetically fulfilled with yourself and not be dragged down by negative energies all the time.

1. You Take On People’s Energy

Sometimes you cannot help it, it’s stronger than you! When you are with someone who feels down, you also feel down. If someone cries, you also tear up. When someone’s angry – you feel his anger and you also get angry with him! This is one of the main characteristics of the empath, and once you feel someone’s emotions, you begin to vibrate on the same emotional level as theirs. Once you try to learn that this isn’t quite normal, you’ll find a defense mechanism to protect yourself, because this can be very energy consuming and will make you feel drained. A lot.

2. High Natural Intuition

As an empath you naturally have skills that others don’t seem to have. You feel things psychically. You can sense the emotions of others just by looking at them, with no mistake. Even if you talk to them, you’ll know what they’ll say without trying to hear them what they have to say, you seem to know the words before the person tries to speak, it’s like hearing it from their lips. You are gifted, use this gift. Just don’t scatter it around.

3. People Drain You Easily

This can be a problem from you. When you attract so many energies and feelings of others upon yourself, you are losing time fighting their energy and using your own energy. When you’re around people, you give so much of yourself and this can be very exhausting. But you know, most things in our lives are both blessing and a curse, and losing your health is one of the curses when being an empath. Take care of yourself.

4. You Attract Broken People

Other people can sense that you’re giving yourself and helping people as much as you can to those who seem to need you, and they will feel free to turn to you when they feel down. They feel you as you’re some sort of gift, like candlelight at the end of the tunnel, a hope for humanity. Again, you’re wasting bits of your health, people will always feel down, and people will endlessly step on your door. You might say that this doesn’t have to be bad, but you should set your boundaries so you won’t get disrespected.

5. Crowds Affect You

This is no lie. When you’re in crowded places, such as clubs, streets, events, bars, you feel like you need to escape because you just cannot take it anymore, and believe us you should.  It’s like an overloaded muddle, with simultaneous emotions coming at you from all directions. Sounds like a nightmare, yes? With a protective shield (you can use healing stones too) or forming a shield by your own will help you pass these energies and flow by you, next to you or around you, but not in you.

6. Living Location Is Important

Some empaths may feel the pain of the world, like a curse. Others are just aware of the energy of the city or neighborhood they live in. Many empaths end up living in smaller areas where the population energy is less in their face. Living in a very lively area, like a young and hip area, or a crime area, or a highly populated, dense area, can drain the empath.

7. You are Very Sensitive

This is given. You do not make the choice if you like to have this or not, you feel other people, you feel the environment, you might feel physical symptoms on yourselves when other people that you’re connected with are going through something bad in the period. If violence is extreme on TV, change the channel. If there’s unpleasant scene, like couples arguing, move out of it if you can’t help. You don’t want to see it or feel it.

8. You Can Often See Through Lies

You just know when someone’s lying to you. It’s the face, it’s the voice, and it’s their pulse, their energy. You know why they’re lying, you can sense what the purpose of the lie is. As an empathy you might find yourself being caught in trying to understand why the person lies and forgive, but still don’t let anyone take you as a fool.

9. Emotional Healing Is A Gift – And It’s Yours!

We do like to believe that people are born with special powers. Maybe we don’t have beautiful angel wings to fly or breathe fire, we are born with subtle gifts that can change a lot in this world, if we are ready to use them properly. Empaths have this gift of emotional healing,  and their purpose is maybe helping people and helping them change and transform themselves into the person they need to fully bloom in.

Don’t downplay yourself if you’re an empath. People love to be your friend, and yes, it’s not because they just need you – they love your energy. You make them feel better, that’s why they turn to you.

10. Empaths Ignore Their Own Problems

This is sad but true. Empaths think that other people’s problem are way more important and more serious than theirs, and they often downgrade their lives and difficulties so they can turn more on people who think they need them. You give too much time to others, but will you heal your own self? When is YOUR healing time?

First things first, in order to help people and make them feel loved and secure, you need to do it for yourself first. Love yourself, appreciate what you are and what you have. You are a gift to this world, and gifts shouldn’t be scattered around. You deserve your healing and love too. Don’t forget about you.

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