Your Favorite Song is Rewiring Your Brain: Here’s How Music Is Changing You

Music speaks what we cannot express, soothes our minds and souls, heals the heart and makes it whole. Music is truly universal, yet spiritual. There are a number of benefits we can get from music, such as relieving stress, improving memory and communication, alleviating pain, rehabilitation, etc. Undoubtedly, music has been an essential evolutionary tool that can reorganize the brain cells, and here is how.

According to the recent research, scientists used FMRI technology (functional magnetic resonance imaging) to watch blood flow in the brain while people listened to their favorite music. They have found that when people are listening music they showed enhanced levels of brain connectivity. This brain state is linked to the creativity, happiness, and cognitive functioning.

The study also reports that the biggest change inspired by music was done in the resting-state area in the brain. This area allows us to dream, use right-brained creativity to solve left-brain-created problems, and to practice greater empathy and self-awareness.

Listening to your favorite music makes you process psychosocial interactions and using different thinking. Music also controls the secretion of steroid hormones, which ultimately stimulates regeneration of the cerebral nerves.


And the last, but not the least, listening to music allows brain circuits to adjust and improve thought processing in a manner that reflects the environmental and behavioral demands. Simply music relieves stress in your every-day life.


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