10 Things That Separate The Good Men From The Narcissistic Ones

Being in a toxic relationship can destroy multiple parts of your intimate connection with yourself, as much as it will make your life complicated on many other personal levels. It can inflict damage on your family communication, your friends, your working place and coworkers and your behavior will get worse.


Toxic relationships are one of the most influential sources of depression and anxiety in life, combined with self destructiveness. Sometimes it’s really hard to let go of a relationship with that partner that belongs in this mentioned category because of many reasons, maybe the relationship is long and the partner didn’t give you toxic traits before, or you are very sensitive and you fear of letting go. Whatever the reason is, we give you 10 traits that the good guy has, and the toxic one lacks. Here we go:

1.The Good Guy Always Expresses His Confidence In You

He will always let you know that he believes in you and his thoughts and feelings towards this matter are genuine. He is going to help you with your insecurities and won’t drag you down if you didn’t do it right.

2.The Good Guy Will Do Anything To Earn Your Trust In Him

He will do anything that he possibly can so you can trust him. Because he wants to trust in you and that should be on both sides. He won’t make you jealous on purposely (except if you always find reasons to be jealous about but that’s your problem) and he will be present in your life and anything that matters to you.

3.The Good Guy Will Be Kind To You, Always

The toxic person doesn’t care about this matter, he does what he feels like it’s the best for him and your interests don’t matter to him. A guy that cares about you will always put your feelings before, so making you sad is completely out of the question.

4.He Wants To Hear You Out

He values your opinion and you matter to him, and he wants to hear what your thoughts are. You are the first thing when it comes to his mind when he needs an advice. Or a simple conversation, he wants to know more and more about you, and that cycle doesn’t end.

5.He Has No Problems With Apologizing When He’s Wrong

A person that truly loves the partner has no ego towards them. Okay, maybe a little. Your partner’s ego will shrink when he needs to apologize to you. A good guy has no problem in apologizing when he did something wrong, even if he doesn’t understand in the situation, if he knows that he hurt your feelings, he will try to solve it out as quickly as possible.

6.The Good Guy Is Going To Spoil You And Pamper You

He finds it cute when he spoils you with something from time to time. He wants to put a smile on your face and to feel happy with him. So you better appreciate this behavior, because there aren’t many guys that do for their girls without putting their soft side and ego in question.

7.He Is Humble

He is always going to be humble. A narcissistic will always boast with his achievements, even if those achievements are little, don’t matter or made up, completely non-existent ones. The good guy will do his deeds in a good matter without the need to boast them out because his heart is humble.

8.The Good Guy Will Spread Positive Vibes Wherever He Goes

He will find himself good with your parents, will appreciate and respect your friends, will gladly meet your close colleagues and he’s cheerful around. Even when the times are hard, his energy is very uplifting to everyone around. Toxic men only care about themselves and if they don’t feel good, they (un)consciously want to make others feel down, especially their partner.

9.The Good Guy Doesn’t Use Emotions To Manipulate You

This is one of the most important things. A good guy will never play with your emotions to get what he wants. He respects you and won’t dare to press you to do something that you don’t like. Toxic people play others around with other people’s emotions to get to their goal. This is abusive.

10.The good guy is going to open your eyes to what it really means to fall in love

If you are in a relationship with a good guy, he will make you sure that he you will be able to see that he’s ready for this relationship and to fall in love with you. He won’t hide his emotions or play cold on you. Many men don’t feel sure enough in their partner so they wait to truly observe them and that’s okay, once they do they will decide if they like them to be in a relationship with or not. Toxic men won’t ever let you notice that he loves you. He wants you to tiptoe for him as much as possible.

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