10 Things You Do That Can Ruin Your Love Life

You probably often wonder why you still haven’t found someone special yet. There seems to be no one who can complement you perfectly. Maybe the reason why you can’t seem to fall in love is because you have some issues you need to deal with.

It’s completely fine if you like your single life. But don’t make it the Universe’s fault for your singlehood. When you feel prepared to be in a relationship, the right person will come along.

Stop and try to analyse why you are single. A huge possibility is that you might have grand expectations from the partner of your dreams. You deserve great things but that doesn’t mean you will stop being realistic. In that case you won’t ever find someone absolutely perfect and flawless as that is not possible.

1.You Expect Too Much

No one is perfect. The ideal partner that you’ve created in your head probably doesn’t exist in reality. Love has complications and imperfections. That’s where the beauty lies and you need to embrace it. It will never be smooth. You need to put in effort to make it work.

2.Questionable Taste in Partners

The trick is to choose people who are likeminded rather than focus on the superficial aspects. Physical features can’t make a relationship last long.

3.Not Being Prepared For A Relationship

Often peer pressure makes you do things that you aren’t ready for. Seeing others in relationships might make you think you’re ready. Enjoy yourself and do what you want.

4.Commitment Phobia

You’re afraid of commitment and so the moment things escalate a bit you run away. It can be due to previous trauma, not having good role models, or just being afraid of getting hurt. You need to heal yourself before you fall for someone.

5.The Right Person Hasn’t Arrived

Don’t rush. Be open minded and the right person will come along eventually.

6.Stop Stressing Over It

You become so desperate to be in a relationship that it others tend to stay away from you. No one wants a serious relationship with someone who is clingy. Things will happen when they are supposed to so don’t push it.

7.You’re Not Searching Correctly

When you are trying to find the one, look for them in places where you like going or they are interesting to you. It’ll make sure you both have similar preferences and that establishes the bond.

8.Stop Comparing Them To An Ideal

Appreciate them for who they are and don’t keep comparing them to an ex or an image. That will ruin your chance at happiness.

9.No Real Experience

Your idea of relationships is formed from movies and books but life isn’t that sweet and perfect. There is no formula to making a relationship flawless. Find your way with your partner and make it worth it.

10.You Ruin Things

You don’t love yourself and so you feel you don’t deserve good things. This is why you destroy things before you can get too involved.

Hope these will help you to understand yourself and find love!

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