10 Uncomfortable Signs You’re Becoming The Person You’re Supposed To Be

As you are growing, you’ll understand that you’re actually becoming the person you’re meant to be…The transformation of yourself is shown in these 10 uncomfortable signs.

1. You do everything by yourself and feel isolated from others

As times go by, you can handle everything by yourself and it feels like you don’t want to be burden to someone else. This is a result of your mature. Usually, you can say “No, I’ve got this” to people who really wants to help you. You feel proud of yourself for being independent and strong, but also you can feel isolated and lonely, at the same time.

2. You realize that you have some issues with yourself

You are completely honest with yourself about your overcome issues, whether it’s about your trust issues, anxiety, mood swings, or someone else’s issues which mess your well-being. You’ll give your best efforts to overcome these issues, but first you will accept how, when and in what conditions those issues appear.

3. You have a strong desire to cut off some unnecessary relationships

As you become an adult, you feel that you have only few friends, but a lot of acquaintances. You start thinking about your friendships, you begin to realize who is real and who wants to stay your friend for life. You will be sad and disappointed because of losing some friends that you loved. On the other hand, you are brave enough to cut the relationships which emotionally abused your inner self and were toxic.

4. It’s hard for you to trust people

Until now you realize how the real world works, you won’t buy people’s bullshits. The world made you to be selective about your friends. You have been a victim of betrayals and broken promises, and you have been disappointed thousands times. But, you do believe in some people and you will do anything to keep the friendship, especially you will be loyal to them.

5. You always feel that your life is boring

There is always new goals you would like to achieve and that’s the reason why it’s so hard for you to feel satisfied and happy with your life. You will always be asking yourself “What’s next?” as a result of the same routines which will bore you to death and will make you always to seek more. Although, you have less drama in your life, which you should be proud of, but don’t having drama makes to think that your life is boring.

6. You are too familiar with the feeling of sadness

There are days when you feel like you’re at the lowest point of your life, but there are also times when you feel hopeful. You have skills to accept the failures, broken hearts, the feeling of sadness and disappointments. You realize that life is not always about being happy. But, you are able to bounce again even if you feel a lot of pain, and learn the lessons from everything that happened.

7. You always feel like you’re running out of time

Usually, you feel that 24 hours a day are not sufficient. You always find yourself in busy situations and you don’t have enough time sleep. Unfortunately, you don’t have time to spend with your loved ones, and the most important – time for yourself. You will always have something else to do. You have a strict plan to be successful and sometimes you are too hard on yourself in doing things.

8. You regret the mistakes you’ve made in the past

You become aware that you have made some bad decisions. It’s easy for you to blame yourself for any mistakes that you made in the past. Sometimes you just want everything to go back to how it was. But, the most clever thing that you can do is to not repeat the same mistake you’ve done and accepted that regret will take you nowhere.

9. You always miss your childhood, family, and your loved ones

Becoming an adult sucks and you always find yourself thinking of your old life when everything was according to its place. Being separated from your family and living on your own is not easy. On the other hand, you don’t want to give up. You’re fully aware that all success will be the perfect gift for your loved ones.


10. You feel lost, confused, and anxious about your future

You feel extremely insecure about your own life even if you appear to be strong and bold. You’ve always asked yourself regarding what you really need and what your life purpose is. Many unexpected things happen and it’s normal for you to not exactly know how life is going to be.

But, above all the fears and confusions, you can always finish your work and responsibilities. You always take things one day at a time and you have realized that everything will happen according to your own time zone.

Source: Thought Catalog

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