11 Mistakes That Heartbroken Women Do Without Being Aware of It

Life is not easy for anyone and sometimes, when we have had enough. We tend to give up, because we think that there can be no good anymore.

When it comes to broken women, they are so far gone that sometimes they make mistakes even without actually understanding what they are doing.

Love is not serious anymore

After being disappointed a lot of times, it is nothing but a joke to you now. You just believe that love is not real and you have accepted it, but that is not the truth, love is real and it will come your way.

You build up very high walls

You are sick of people leaving and ghosting you so you refuse to open up anymore. It has always led to so much heartbreak that you would much rather not talk to anyone. While it is a good thing to look out for yourself; do not push away people who genuinely care.

Sadness is natural to you

It has been so long since you have been happy that you think that sadness is what life us. You do not fight it anymore but that is not how life is supposed to be.

You have stopped sharing

If you have, there is nothing sadder. You are an incredible person and you should not be taking that away from people who love you. They want to know what is happening in your life and it would be okay if you talked about it.

You think you are not strong anymore

People who did you wrong did those things because they were bad people, not because you are weak. If you were weak, you would not have gotten through all that bad stuff.

No more hopes

You have completely given up so you don’t even hope to fall in love anymore. All the hopes of mush you had, they are all gone now.

Negativity gets to you

You almost do not have the ability to be positive anymore, you assume the worst out of every situation and even if things look good, you over think yourself into sadness.

You find yourself being around other sad people

You distance yourself from people who would be good to you because of how used to you are, to being sad, but that never has a good outcome. Try being friends with people who are positive and make you happy.

You refuse to take help

You do not let people help you anymore, even if you are going through terrible stuff, you shut everyone out and decide to do things alone. Take help when people offer.

You don’t take risks anymore

You are just too scared all the time and yes, most of the time things may disappoint you but if you don’t take a risk, ever, nothing good will happen either.

You let yourself stay broken

You have found some comfort in this brokenness and you just refuse to work on it, which will make things even worse for you.

You are going to be alright, please do not give up. Reach out for help, you are never alone.

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