8 Signs Your Relationship Needs to End Even Though It Isn’t Particularly Bad

There are times when you have a firm reason to end a relationship, whether it’s because your partner double-crossed you with someone else or has been mentally or physically abusing you. It naturally becomes impossible for you to keep the relationship going in such situations.

But then there are also times when you’re not so sure if the relationship is progressing well and you do feel an uneasiness in it. You keep on dragging it forward even though somewhere you’re also aware that your relationship won’t last long; you prefer to turn away from those less obvious signs.

It may not be the best practice to follow since this way you’re also reducing your scope for a healthy relationship with someone else. You must make yourself sensitive to these signs that indicate you must break up with your partner.


Here are some signs of a relationship that needs to come to an end. If this looks like your relationship then maybe you too need to pull the plug now before it is too late.

 1. Your partner’s need fulfillment is always more important in the relationship

While it’s okay to practice selflessness in a relationship, it’s not okay if it comes at the cost of your needs. It’s a great idea to make your partner feel important but you must remember that you receive the same treatment in the relationship. Don’t compromise your desires every time.

2.Your problems don’t appear to be worth your time and consideration anymore

Remember the time when you wouldn’t let anything come in the way of your love? Now if you think that you hardly have the time or the desire to resolve even the existing issues with your partner then maybe it’s time to call it off.

3. Your relationship or your partner isn’t your priority

If it doesn’t bother you whether your partner’s satisfied or not in the relationship or if you don’t want to invest your thoughts in your relationship then its time you recognize the unhealthy indifference that’s seeped into you.

4. You’re both changing in an incompatible manner

Everyone in life undergoes some change in behavior individually and as partners. However, sometimes these changes in our partner are difficult to accommodate in our life. If you think that an alteration in your partner’s behavior is a botheration for you which you’re unable to cope with then it is best you end the relationship before it turns sour.

5. Your conversations are episodic and superficial

You both don’t converse with each other with the same zeal as earlier. The talks are infrequent and neither of you really want to make an effort at keeping it going.

6. No efforts are made by your partner to uplift you

In any relationship, partners try to encourage each other to achieve the best in life. If that important element is missing from your relationship then it’s not a good sign. There’s your cue.

7. You contemplate life with someone else

If you’re thinking about your relationship would be like you were with someone other than your partner, then you’re naturally not happy in the one that you’re in. A healthy relationship doesn’t let you think otherwise.

8. It is a one-sided effort to keep the relationship going. Where’s your partner in it?

One person can’t keep the relationship going forever. If your partner is shying away from the fulfilling the needs of a relationship then it’s time you walk away from it too. Keep your head high and take the exit door.

In scenarios as such, you should leave before it damages you further.

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