11 Things That Men Find Unattractive In A Woman

Well both sexes have complains about each other, but let us talk about what turns men off because we live in a misogynistic world where everything is about them. Here goes!

1. Too much makeup

No one is saying that makeup is a bad thing. It is something that makes a lot of women feel powerful and confident but I think we all know that too much of anything does more harm than good, especially when it’s men dealing with how much you are feeling yourself.

2. Over confidence

Well if you already know how great you are, how are they going to tell you? You need to have just the right amount of confidence so as to not scare them away, and boy do they scare easy.

3. Not being able to make conversation

Laugh at their jokes, tell them they are funny. Act surprised and impressed when they tell you stories about their lives. Engage them in good banter but always leave them wanting more. By more I mean more validation. It is not tough.

4. Poor hygiene

It ups their street cred enormously when they walk in with a hygienic girl who smells and looks good when they are wearing the same t-shirt they wore all week. But then again hygiene is a pretty cool thing so there is no one to blame when someone looks for a hygienic partner.

5. Trashing your ex

I will let you in on a secret. All men are very sensitive about each other. When you call your ex out or bitch about him too much, it will hurt your present boyfriend’s feelings because who will look out for a man if not another man? It also sends the message that you have critical capabilities and we all know that that isn’t hot.

6. Being desperate

By desperate I mean asking for things that anyone would want from their partner but don’t get all up in his space, we cannot really ask him to be an adult now, can we? Ease him into everything. Don’t be needy because that is a thing, apparently.

7. Being childish

Granted it is cute sometimes, but do not forget that you are not the one who is allowed to be childish all the time- he is. Jokes apart, we all need to grow up when the situation demands for it, let’s hope he knows that too.

8. Short temper

Now, patience is a good virtue to have when stepping into the world of dating straight men. Every time you take a stand about something, you are being difficult and need to “calm down.” It’s in the Bible.

9. Miss know it all

No man likes a woman with opinions and knowledge about things that he does! He needs to feel like he is introducing you to things you like to maintain his status as a man in this society. This, incidentally, is also in the Bible.

10. The invincible woman

You are not allowed to open jars on your own. Period.

11. Giggling and touching him too much

Not to be harsh, but being expressive flips them off. What are feelings, really?

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