Why Do Married Men Usually Fall in Love with Other Women

Marriage is a holy binding of two individuals. Marriages take a lot of commitment and adjustment to make them work. However once you are bound in a holy matrimony, the promises are supposed to be kept for a lifetime.

The real scenario, however, looks a lot different. With every passing day there are growing incidences of divorce where the husband commits infidelity even before his wife finds out. The relation turns sour and ultimately the marriage sees its doom. But have you ever thought what factors induce married men to fall for other women? Here are my top 5 reasons:

1.They want a woman who will be more of friend than a lover

A man desires his woman to be his best friend, a good listener, a good talker and to be there beside him through thick and thin. Rather than being judgemental, she will accept him for how he is and will be his constant pillar of support. She will give him his own private space, yet be concerned about him all the time. She will love him unconditionally despite all odds.

2.He wants a woman who will be fun as well as spontaneous

Marriage requires serious commitment and handling of responsibilities. That is why it gets monotonous in a few months time. A man always likes a woman who can bring in some change. She can make their stay together fun and interesting. She may plan trips or surprise dinners and flatter him with gifts. Such gestures easily attract men. This also cuts off the boredom and makes their relationship unique from the rest. Moreover men are too much impatient nowadays. They hardly agree to give the time needed to make a marriage work. Hence the chances of infidelity increase.

3.Men desire independent, confident women

Women who have a strong-minded strong sense of individualism are usually desired by men. Men like women whose life isn’t simply confined around her children and husband. She is highly ambitious and works hard to take herself to the highest point of life. She is hardworking and doesn’t like to be limited to just a domestic wife. She has her own dreams and wants to pursue them despite being married. This is what attracts men. Such women have a charismatic charm and smartness of their own.

4.He wants a woman is a extremely happy in life

Happiness is the primary concern in her life. She can tolerate everything, from pain to hardships and obstacles and lots of trouble but she always intends to stay happy, keep her family happy and to keep all the problems at bay. Every marriage comes across hurdles and arguments, but the key is to find happiness in everything. The solution is to bring about a negotiation. To allow bitterness to persist between you can result in the end of marriage. Being understanding and compassionate sustains a marriage for a longer time.

5.He surprisingly finds his favourite qualities in someone else

You may end up as an unfortunate in this situation. Sometimes men find out their likeable qualities in other women, apart from their wives. Their qualities surprisingly match and therefore a great bond clicks between them. They connect miraculously, can fathom the deepest truths inside them; understanding each others’ characters, likes and dislikes. They find themselves so much alike in several aspects. This can lead him to have an affair outside his marriage.

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