12 Habits that Say You’re Sad inside Even if You Don’t Say It out Loud

No one wants to be that person who sighs in sadness so much that he brings the joviality of the entire group down to null. Everyone likes a happy person and sad as it may be, a sad person can be at the receiving end of pity and sympathy only for so long.

So if you have been denying yourself help and the optimal much-needed sympathy from your peers, you are simply delaying the process of healing. If you relate to these symptoms, you should stop kidding yourself and denying it. Instead talk to someone and seek help if required.

1. Constant whining and deferment

People who are really sad complain a lot because they honestly can’t take things anymore. They do not even manage to muster the strength to suck it up do what needs to be done. Instead they defer things urgent or otherwise and end up creating more problems for themselves.

2. Making things tougher for themselves

A constant sense of dissatisfaction, sorrow, and misery obviously never makes things better for anyone, nor the concerned person nor the people around them. Things are always more difficult for them because they do not like what they are engrossed in.

3. Not taking care of themselves

This includes poor food habits and a general tardiness. Not taking care of oneself is a consequence of not really liking oneself or a consequence of not being at peace and harmony with the world around.

4. Not letting things go

This is not a consequence of being sad, rather a reason for sadness. Holding on to meaningless grudges and disputes make things harder for people than they are.

5. Being highly interested in others’ personal lives

And talking about it because it distracts you from things that bother you in your life. This is a particularly potent kind of deferment that people engage in.

6. Giving up on your childhood hobbies and passions

This might be photography, or an instrument you used to play. This was something that gave you a special joy in life and an outlet for self-expression. But because of the sadness around in general, you end up giving these up because you don’t have faith in happiness anymore.

7. Being anxious about the future

There is a constant fear of what is not come. Thanks to this, all their actions are half-baked and half-heartedly done.

8. Being driven by scares rather than being actually motivated

They do not really want to do anything. They just do things because they have to and because if they do not, they will end up making things irretrievably hard for themselves.

9. Regretting things they did/should have done

Because they always lacked the motivation to do things and try out new adventures, they always end up regretting their past endeavours.

10. Addictions

Probably the worst thing on this list. They masochistically indulge in things like tobacco, alcohol or harder drugs. This is because those things give them a momentary serotonin boost which they crave.

11. Overspending

Sad people tend to end up being spendthrifts because spending on things is a momentary power boost for them as it gives them a sense of being in control.

12. Being overtly critical of others

This is because it helps them focus on things other than their own issues and problems and gives them a sense of power as they are after all in the judge’s chair.

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