9 Psychological Tricks That Will Make You the Center of Attention

If you don’t truly shine in today’s world, you’ll just fade away. No one will give a second fig about you and you will be filed under ‘almost’ and that will be it. What many people do not understand is the fact that only being talented will in all probability never even get you close to your goal. What everyone needs, is a bit of wishful marketing.

Everyone needs to market their skill set via a sensible and appropriate channel in life, to the right people and in the right time. As a proof, look at how efficiently smaller companies and brands use their social media channels. YouTube is the big thing now and something as small and personal as Instagram has become a marketplace that allows you to link your products with your account.

So you need to show yourself off in the right way in front of the right audience. But how to do it? You must attract folks and make them listen to you.

So how do you influence people into listening to you?

Well these 9 tricks might just help you out. Also try and read the book by author Dale Carnegie; it has been on the bestsellers list since forever now. It’s called How to win friends and influence people.

1. The mirror trick

This has been taught and recommended for job interviews to young candidates. The trick is to mirror the tiniest of hand gestures of your prospective employers. This might be how they place their hands or how they talk in general. But this has to be done with utmost subtlety if you do not want to come off as desperate. If done correctly it plays with the primal urge of human beings to seek out people just like them. This effect makes your interviewers think that you are synchronised with them, the entire process being sub-conscious.

2. Have a clear-cut vision

And be articulate enough to express it in words. Do not vacillate while talking about what you want to do and do not use filler expressions like “um”, “uh”, “therefore”, “however” etc. Convey your point in as few words as you can. Your audience will immediately take a liking to you, because you will have used succinct rhetoric. The less time you take to effectively convey your point, the better.

3. Take time to take in others’ opinions

Take feedback and criticism very sportingly and positively. Do not let haters get you down. Instead, if you think a better game plan is needed, work on it. Take every opinion, be it praise or counter-argument as a learning experience. Re-evaluate your position continually.

4. Do not avoid eye-contact

This makes you come out as someone cowardly and someone who is under-prepared. Instead look your audience in the eye and keep your chin up. Remember, your intentions are transparent and good and there is no need to cower in the shadows.

5. Use storytelling techniques

Keep your method anecdotal, conversational and non-judgmental to drive the point home.

6. Do not slouch

Do not let go of your body. Keep a good and healthy control over it when trying to drive a point home.

7. Stop complaining

Because most people do not even get to this stage that you have.

8. Show your confidence in your vision off

That’s what is going to get you what you want and not anything else. That’s what you are selling and that’s what you need to have your confidence in.

9. Create an image for yourself

A certain charismatic and unique factor that sets you apart from the rest of the crowd is what you need for people to remember you.

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