14 Body Language Tips That Will Make You Look More Confident

Goes without saying that you want to succeed in life, don’t you? Unless you are content with your present state in life and have no desire to improve. Then you can get off this article. For the rest of us mortals, who believe in learning, this article might actually get you that dream job you have set your sights on. But, don’t ever think that this is the only reason why you should get it. Hard work and talent is what will get you there. Body language is simply the bridge that will connect them both.

Here are some tricks that you can use to uplift your game to the extent that you desire.

Project What You Say

Simple to understand, hard to execute. But, all it takes is a commitment to what you are doing and the zeal to convince people. You could be selling trash for all you care, but if you projected what you said, by utilizing your body language to emphasize on your words, people would actually buy that. On the other hand, you could be selling anti-venoms and you could still turn away potential buyers because you are hesitant and unsure about what you are speaking. Confidence is the key. Be confident and burn everything in your way.

First Impressions

While we are always taught to never judge a book by its cover, that is exactly what we do. First impressions matter. If you are going for a job interview, you have to look your best. For, that is how they will remember you. This is essential even when you are giving a speech. People always remember the introduction and conclusion. So, try hard to ensure that both of them are neat and well thought of.

Don’t Hide Your Hands

Hiding one’s hands is a way of displaying that you have something secretive and something that you are unwilling to reveal. This makes you a bad candidate, for, at this point in time, you need to put all your cards on the table. Also, while giving a speech, it is best not to hide your hands, for they could enhance the way you express to someone. They don’t give away your secrets, but rather help you emphasize your points.

Stand Straight

A bent back is always a sign of lack of confidence. Apart from the obvious physical weakness, it also means that you are subservient and can easily be dominated. And if you are in a position which gives you a lot of power, that is undesirable. Try standing straight with your back completely ramrod. Your bending forward would lead to your future sliding backward.


Handshakes are important, especially when you are in a respectable position. A strong grip would impress anyone who knows what a handshake can signify. Don’t squeeze too hard, but make sure that your grip isn’t loose either. Get a healthy grip and shake it twice. This will symbolize that you aren’t someone to be trifled with.

Eye Contact

Always maintain eye contact with the person you are talking to. If it is in a group, maintain eye contact with every single person. This will not only show everyone who is in command, but it will also help you prove your point. Maintaining eye contact will help you gain allies and friends because they will feel important too.

Walk The Walk

Have a signature walk. A swagger of sorts. When you walk, it should seem that you own the place your feet steps on. Keep your arms to your side and take long, measured strides. Don’t jog, don’t lag, but make sure that you walk with your head high, looking straight. This will help enforce the idea that you are someone whose time is important.


Don’t go flat out and do everything someone is doing. But, at times, mirroring someone’s posture and behavior would gain you rapport with that person. They will feel that someone is agreeing to their point of view.


Always smile. Even if you think you do not have a good smile, still do so. Smiling puts everyone at ease and when people are relaxed, they are more favorable to your ideas. And isn’t that what you want?

Power Pose

Ever seen how those celebrities stand for the paparazzi at red carpet events? Yes, that is exactly how you are supposed to stand when you have cameras on you. Put your hand on your waist and display your good side. This will not only project your confidence but also get you respect.

Join Your Fingertips

It signifies that you are intently listening to what the other person is talking about. It shows you to be a man with power and would bring you closer to the speaker. Someone who finds an avid listener gets more confident.

Stop Fidgeting

Don’t fidget. Fidgeting presents you as someone nervous and finicky. It leaves a bad impression on the interviewers or your audience.

Be More Open

Don’t close off. Try to present yourself in such a way that it welcomes opposing ideas, views, and opinions. Else, you would be surrounded by rivals, for you weren’t simply more accepting. Don’t cross your legs while you sit down and don’t point them away from the person you are speaking to.


A well-developed and healthy body is indeed required. It makes you more confident and that shows.

Body language is important. Don’t neglect it.

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