15 Things That Happen When You Fall In Love With Your Life Instead Of a Person

1. You make time for your passions

No doubt love is a wonderful thing to happen to anyone, but it is not the only thing to have. Unimaginable number of things are out there that can leave you thrilled. When you choose to give all your time and attention to yourself instead of someone else, you get all the time in the world to pursue your passions.

2. You understand your needs better

Loving your life solely and fully makes you give a real thought to what you really want. You can actually sit and plan your future as per your desires.

3. You give attention to your other relationships

There is a certain level of “quid pro quo” in a romantic relationship while it is not the case with others. The bond with friends and family is truly selfless which is why they deserve your time and attention.

4. You become an explorer

Given that you are the only person you have to be taking care of, you live every second of your life a hundred percent. While you are at it, you try new things, travel the world and do whatever you want.

5. You gain focus in life

When you’re single, it becomes easy to manage your desires, hobbies, finances and future.

6. You make things happen

Being single gives you the freedom to be the hero of your own story. This makes you come out swinging from every challenge you face.

7. You become a good listener

Being in love with yourself makes you want to be a better person. Hence you strive to get wiser by listening and absorbing all the good there is to know.

8. You value little things in life

Suddenly you start realising that you had been missing out on the real essence of life that lies in all the little things like the pleasant breeze, the sunset, etc.

9. You are on a continuous path of improvement

When the only thing you have is to pursue your own goals and purpose, it becomes a journey that only goes upwards, now that you have realised your potential and you are ready to exploit it to make the best out of it.

10. You spend more time with nature

The world we live in is a beautiful place. The feeling that comes on being at such places is priceless and above all happiness.

11. The days feel more satisfying

Once you set the romantic relationship aside in your life, you are doing all the productive work that needs to be done while, very importantly, enjoying your work.

12. You become more thankful to God

When there is so much good already happening in your life, you are away from the troubles of carrying someone with you. In the meanwhile, you get time and realisation to thank God for the life we’re leading.

13. Not being in a relationship doesn’t bother you

Being single is not a compulsion but a choice, a way of life. You have worked on yourself so well that any person would be lucky to get involved with you.

14. You appreciate yourself

You find yourself in awe of you and your work, when you look behind to take a moment of pride.

15. You excel at being single

You have been through days when you felt the need to be with someone but now you truly have found the best way to live.

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