20 Most Powerful Secrets To Meaningful Relationships

Vernon Howard’s Mystic Path to Cosmic Power deals with psychological and spiritual concepts and truths in short and simple terms. These following secrets are from the mentioned book, here are the 20 most powerful secrets to a meaningful relationship:

1. Self-insight

In a relationship the one with deep self insight and understanding about oneself is usually more prized. The person tends to be calmer and more grounded.

2. Avoid manipulation

Avoid doing manipulation and be manipulated at any cost. Letting someone dictate you won’t lead you to a healthy life, just problems.

3. Intentions matter more than actions

The words and actions can be easily set if people want you to think better about them, intentions behind them are the truth behind the scenario they put in front of you.

4. A sense of Individuality

You need to keep your individuality at any cost. You are who you are and that what’s making you unique. If a person tries to change you and let go of your persona, you better quit that relationship.

5. Feeling a sense of oneness with all other people

We are all together similar in nature. Therefore you can’t hurt yourself without hurting others too, also you can’t make other people feeling loved and happy if you don’t love yourself and feel happy with yourself.

6. Free yourself from unnecessary desire

When you are free from unnecessary desires you can’t be deceived, by yourself and others. Clean your true motives without having a desire to prove to yourself or someone.

7. Avoid constant resistance from things

Being resistant disturbs your piece and angers you. That won’t lead you anywhere in life.

8. Self-knowledge

Knowing oneself and understanding is a key element to realize what makes you happy, fulfilled and you’ll learn how to be happy with yourself.

9. A complete experience of human relationships

Allow yourself without fear to experience the human relationship wholly. You’ll be available to see clearly and to think wiser than before.

10. Know what love means

If you know what love is you won’t feel hurt when someone rejects being with you or doesn’t feel love towards you. We are all human we feel things, but we also must understand the concept of love and what truly is before we spin in cycle of being hurt from constant rejection.

11. Learn how to deal with heartaches

People grow strong through many hardships passed in their life. Believing in yourself will help you to pass this negative experience more easily.

12. Avoid seeking social validation

Once you feel true to yourself, once you know that your opinion matters to you, you won’t feel the need to be accepted or validated by other people.

13. Value the pleasant and unpleasant both

Everything happens in our lives and everything has a meaning. Having both pleasant and unpleasant situations and memories are making you who you are.

14. Know what harms you

Do not be blind over the injuries that one person does to you. Be aware of what hurts you.

15. Recognize the virtue in others

We’re often unaware of the virtues other people possess. Know the virtues of others even if you do not possess them.

16. Desire is not the same as love

This shouldn’t be mistaken in any way. Desire is desire, it changes and it goes away, it’s the craving and the heat we feel for a person. A love is strong and it does change but doesn’t go away in the way that desire and lust does.

17. Encourage positivity within yourself

You’ve heard that we attract what we are right? Power of attraction is something that it’s in our hands. Be mindful when it comes to what people do you want in your life, because you attract people that feel the same way with themselves as you are.

18. Self esteem

Do not live your life in fear of what others think about you. They have so many important stuff to do and fear in their lives, so instead of you focusing what others think of you, try to embetter the picture of what you think about yourself. Work on it.

19. Be the real you

Don’t change yourself like a chameleon when it comes to people. You are truly who you are. And you are one.

20. Transform your life into goodness

Focusing on doing good deeds will help you grow more in a spiritual and mental way. But don’t think of the benefits that doing well deeds, but do them from your heart, truly. Reflect love more.

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