20 Savage Truths About Existence That Will Force You to Get Your Shit Together

Attachment to material things, to our significant other, to life itself will lead us to more pain only. It’s really important for us to know, and not just to know, but to realize and understand that nothing that is material is eternal, and the daily situations, problems, issues, or the love, hate, doubt, anger or whatever we feel have been a burden or a miracle to us can and will wrap us into a cycle that may end up being a torment upon ourselves. We are still talking about attachments that we tend to make in fear of losing.

But, what exactly do we fear and why do we create these relationships with a full heart in no doubt that it may end? Fear or losing will lead us to lose. Nothing that we keep strong and tight in our hands stays there, it finds a way to slip through the fingers.

Problems in life also pass. They pass once we understand them, and once they are understood we find the source of the problem easily, and when you have the source, 50% of the problem is solved itself, the rest is up to you and your will to get rid of entirely. If you set your mind to think that life is a battle, you’ll be in a constant battle, within yourself or with the surroundings. So, change the way you metaphor your life so you can get most of it. And besides, who will live forever? No one.

Speaking of that, we’ve picked 20 motivational (or not) points that are truthful and will slap you back to reality. Here they are:

1. You Are Dying

That’s right. Like it or not, as we age we are slowly getting into the process of being closer to death. No matter how much money you make, spend, do sports, healthy life, you’re going to die no matter what. Take it easy.

2. Everybody You Know Will Die

Just like you. Don’t fixate yourself over losing people in your life or over death. The pain is terrible but that’s what it is. There are always changes as time goes by, so you better get on feet, once you take your time to mourn the loss.

3. Wealth Isn’t Happiness

Wealth, money, cars, whatever you have or desire to have, will make you happy for some time till the moment you need something new to excite yourself with. It’s not persistent, besides, money come and go. You’ll never know if you end up on the street in literally one minute, so you better set up your goals in a more serious matter.

4. Searching For Happiness Makes You Lose It

We are not Dalai Lama, but if you search for something abstract, like happiness or luck, it’s somehow always “under your nose”. Instead of wasting time searching for it, decide to radiate more happily. You’ll see changes.

5. You Can’t Please Anyone

Are you even mad? How do you even decide to please people around you and then expect that you’ll succeed in it? Just stop it.  Have some self respect.

6. Accept Your Feelings

Running around, pretending that it didn’t happen what happened or put your feelings under the rug won’t do you any justice. If you truly love yourself and you want to be happier and lead a healthier life without later clogging on emotionally, be honest with yourself and say to yourself things as they are. You’ll be one step ahead of becoming friend with yourself.

7. Be Responsible

Nobody is responsible for your actions except you. You decide your fate, so you better take responsibility for your actions.

8. Stop Trying To Be Perfect

Because no one is. What is perfection anyway? We are not born perfect, if we are, we won’t be here on this planet anyway. Stop seeking perfection, because you’ll lead yourself into constant dissatisfaction.

9. Don’t Waste Talent

If you’re gifted for something use it! Doesn’t matter if it’s just hobby or you think more greatly of the gift you have. Just don’t let it go to waste.

10. Live In The Now

You cannot change the past, you don’t know what the future holds. Living in the moment, more correctly, being present in the moment will force you to feel every second of the now. We tend to think of the future, the past, the problems, every our thought interrupts us, even if we’re sitting on the beach with a beautiful sunset before us. We won’t feel the last sunrays on the skin, the smell of the air, the sound of the waves. Focus on now, feel the moments.

11. Nobody Cares How Hard Your Life Is

Sadly, you know it’s true. Life is hard for everyone, and maybe those who hear and don’t speak have something else that is bothering but you just can’t see it. So you better stop going on and telling the people around that your life is harder than theirs. Accept that you have no idea.

12. Share Your Knowledge

Knowledge is made to be shared. If you don’t share what you know with someone that needs it, you may get into the same situation too. And besides, there are tons of websites that will help the person that needed your knowledge that you were unwilling to give. Don’t build your ego on it, or much important, don’t be selfish. Cherish that people are willing to know what you know.

13. Invest In Yourself

If you don’t invest in yourself your life is pointless, sorry for putting it out this blunt. Spend time on you, maintain your body, go to the gym, keep your health good, eat good, do whatever it makes you happy. For your own good.

14. Don’t React When Things Suck

It’s not like the first time, definitely won’t be the last one. It sucks. Calm yourself down and think with a clear, cool head.

15. Quit Dreaming And Do The Work

I mean, come on, seriously. If you want to make your wishes come true, you better work on them. Walt Disney didn’t just lay in his bed and the cartoons drew them their selves. Work your wishes.

16. Time Is More Valuable Than Money

How many times we’ve heard this? Countless, yes. Money come and go, wealth comes and goes, times goes but doesn’t come back. One blink and we’re older. Respect the time that is given to you.

17. Be Grateful

You as a living being got an opportunity to live. We’re not suggesting you about the kids in the Africa that starve themselves but you have to be happy and grateful for all that you have. Doesn’t matter how big or small it is. Be grateful.

18. Don’t Lose Yourself

You may find yourself in a very difficult situations where you don’t know who you are anymore, or maybe you’ll feel like something new is about to be found out that you didn’t know before. Whatever the case is, don’t lose yourself. Be friends with who you are and practice confidence as much as possible.

19. If You’re Gone, You’re Gone

Don’t even worry about trying to leave a legacy or whatever you have or do. Nothing matters once your life is over. The life on the Earth goes on, so eventually the people around you will miss you, but on the other hand, they’ll do their best to continue to live. Be at peace that you are going to die one day.

20. You Can’t Take Money When You Die

Obviously. So start spending them! Keeping money and hoarding wealth will only keep you unsatisfied with the amount you have now, so you’ll start to keep more and more. There are more important things in life.

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    You should have credited Lee Jeffrey for using his amazing picture in your article – which gave words of wisdom upon life, by the way. Thank you..

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