20 Things That Men Love to Hear From Women

All that your partner needs from you is not the customary, “I love you”. Honestly, they need much more than that:

1. When you ask them for help, they feel like they are needed and it makes them happier in the relationship.

2. When you appreciate them for something good they have done, they get a childlike delight out of it. Don’t forget to acknowledge his input in the relationship, and he’d be more than happy to contribute more.

3. When you tell or show how happy you are being with them, it makes their day.

4. When you tell them that they are perfect for you, it helps them fight the insecurities and inhibitions they have to go through.

5. When you show your respect towards them and their methods, you are strengthening the bond of your relationship.

6. Let them know when something is that urgent. They are afraid of turning you down but they also might be taking on too much.

7. Let them know when they have hurt you, and why. They are smart enough to sense when something is wrong but not smart enough to figure out what.

8. Appreciate their style and clothing choices, boosts their confidence.

9. Don’t be shy in telling them when you want intimacy. Every time that you take initiative, inside their head, Christmas has come early. Give them these little surprises, they deserve as much.

10. Encourage them to have their personal space. When they spend time with their buddies they recharge their batteries and even you get peace of mind for a little while. Not to mention, to them it would be the best of both worlds.

11. Let them know that you are always there for them. If they ever want to share anything with you, no matter how insignificant or embarrassing, you will listen and not judge.

12. Cheer them on when you feel that they are a bit down. Support from a loved one can make all the difference in crossing a big hurdle.

13. If you guys are parents, you need to assure them that they are doing a good job. This might be too new for them and feeling appreciated makes the tough job a little easier.

14. Show them that you trust them and their judgment. It says a lot about the strength of your relationship.

15. When they do something for you, acknowledge their little gestures. It makes all the difference in the world for them.

16. Take the time to tell them everything that you like about them. The little quirks, the small gestures or the big decisions, whatever it is.

17. When you have been wrong, admit it to them. It doesn’t make you any smaller. But it can save them a lot of hurt.

18. The two of you are part of a team. Show them the support and love whenever they need it. In words or in actions.

19. Give them surprises. Plan a dinner date or a fun outing with your family. Give them time to relax with their loved ones. There is nothing in the world that they would appreciate more.

20. Overall, just be there for them. Even if neither of you speak a word.

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