7 Red Flags That Indicate Your Partner Is Never Going To Make You a Priority

Relationships are like intimate partnerships. Both the parties involved are expected to put in equal amounts of work. But how often does it happen that both the partners are each other’s highest priorities? There are so many individuals who only care about how much they can gain from the relationship. They are so selfish that they can’t look beyond their own desires and needs and as long as those are satisfied never care about the partner’s wishes. And there are so many poor souls who are stuck in a relationship with them. Most of the times, they are ready to put up with anything because of their deep love for the other person.

But as humans we need to feel loved and appreciated. And such neglect at the hands of our partner can take away a lot of energy from us. Even more important is for people to realize when their partners are incapable of returning their affections. In the majority of the cases, the poor person keeps hoping that their partners will eventually turn around but they rarely do. So here are 7 signs of apathy you need to recognize. And if you see these signs in your partner, know that it is time to move on:

1. They never bother to ask what you need

They never think that you might be having some needs or expectations. They are happy with the way things are going and that’s enough for them. If they have never bothered to ask you whether you are really happy or not in the relationship, the relationship is certainly not worth it.

2. They make you feel like they are not paying attention

Any time you try to bring up anything that matters to you they’d act like they don’t care. It would be like talking to a blank wall. It can get quite frustrating trying to communicate with someone while they don’t even bother to look at you.

3. They are controlling

They are always deciding things for you. And these are the things that suit their own needs. Because your needs don’t matter to them so they don’t even bother to ask if you are okay with their arrangements.

4. Rainchecks

There have been too many last minute cancellations for you to keep a count of? Because, for them every damn thing in the world comes before you.

5. They only make time for you when it is convenient for them

If they are missing you and need you, they will expect you to come running to them. As opposed to that, if you need them and they are even remotely occupied they’d expect you to understand and not disturb them.

6. For them, promises are made to be broken

Every time you get them to listen to your problems- they will nod and promise to be better. But they will keep going back to their old ways. If you were important enough to them, they would have put in the effort.

7. They don’t care about occasions

They don’t honor and celebrate special occasions. They couldn’t care less if some particular date means something special to you.

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