How Many of These 25 Spiritual Awakening Symptoms Do You Have?

Test yourself and find out how many out of these 25 spiritual awakening symptoms do you have!


1. Changing sleeping patterns

Do you feel tired when you wake up and sleepy during the day? You’re not the only one. This condition even has a name- Triad Sleeping Pattern and it happens to many people. It’s when you sleep for 3 hours, wake up and then go sleep for another 2,3 hours, wake up and go to sleep again.
There’s nothing you can do about it, you need to get used to it. Don’t worry that you’re not getting enough sleep because that will also cause insomnia. You will make it through the day.

2.Tingling, Itching at the crown of your head

This feels like energy is vibrating and erupting from your head. Some people might even experience some pressure on this area. Don’t worry, there’s no need to be alarmed about it. Your crown chakra is opening and you’ll be receiving divine energy.

3.Sudden waves of emotions

Feeling depressed, then suddenly angry and then very happy. You’re experiencing an emotional roller coaster. This burst of emotions is often caused by the emotions accumulated in the heart chakra located in the middle of your chest.
Accept every emotion and feel it. Don’t direct those emotions towards anyone because they’re only yours. Just be grateful that your body is releasing those emotions and once they’re out, they can’t do any harm.

4.Changes in weight

People gain weight because of the their suppressed fears. They’re coming to the surface, to be healed and we build a defense.
Don’t stress about it. Accept this symptom, because the weight will go away once those fears are healed. Exercise more, be present when you eat, don’t watch TV while eating…

5.Changes in eating habits

Some people get hungrier and some are not as hungry as they used to be.
Don’t deny what your body is telling you.

6.Allergies and food intolerance you never had before

As your spirituality grows, your sensitivity will grow too. Your body will start cleaning out the toxins and will show you what it can and can’t tolerate anymore. Some people might even experience white residue in their mouth.

7.Increased senses

You’ll notice your senses changing and becoming more sensitive. You might experience blurry vision, shapes in the air. When you close your eyes you’ll see no darkness but rather redness.
Your hearing will also get affected. It will increase or decrease. You’ll start to hear white noises, some hear water rushing, some hear strange voices…
You’ll also experience an enhanced sense of touch, smell and taste. The foods will start to taste magnificent. Your smell will enhance a lot and you can smell almost anything.

8.Skin conditions

You’ll notice bumps, rashes, acne, hives etc. Anger also causes outbreaks on the chin and mouth areas. This happens because you’re releasing toxins and emotions. This will pass as soon as you resolve the issue.

9.Episodes of intense energy

These episodes are followed by fatigue and lethargy. Don’t fight it, just roll with it. Sleep when you’re tired, work when feeling energetic. Go with the flow of your body.

10.Changes in meditation and prayers

You’ll stop feeling the same feeling as before. You’ll experience difficulty in focusing. Don’t worry, you’ll adapt to the new feelings.

11.Some physical manifestations

You can experience neck pain, back pain, flu symptoms, cramps, digestive problems, chest pain, racing heart-beat, changes in sexual desire, back pain and headaches. Ask for medical help if you need it.

12.Looking younger

As you release your heavy baggage and clear your emotional issues, you’ll love yourself more and you’ll feel lighter. You’ll even look and feel younger.

13.Vivid dreams

Some dreams can be so real that they can confuse you. Most of the dreams carry a massage for you and can show you the way. You’ll remember what is important, don’t force anything.

14.Mental and emotional confusion

Your life feels like a mess, chaotic and you’re not able to focus well. Pause and listen to your heart. It will tell you what to do.

15.Creativity bursts

Ideas and creative inspirations will come with an overwhelming rate. Write down your inspirations because they’ll help you in your mission of healing the planet.



You can’t help it, although you know better. You want to go with the things that are coming your way. Remember that things come when you’re ready. Trust your higher power and focus on the present to experience miracles.

17.Feeling that you’re different

Feeling that you have left your old self behind and that you’re altered and new. There’s more to come and that more will be better.


You’ll feel the most powerful higher self and you’ll become more emotionally, physically and spiritually stronger.

19.Moments of joy

Deep sense of bliss, joy, peace and knowing the fact that you’re not alone.

20.Living your purpose

You’ll get new skills, healing skills and you’ll finally learn what’s your purpose on Earth. Just listen to your heart. Let it lead you!

21.Feeling closer to plants and animals

Plants will respond to your attention and love. Animals will get a more human-like. Some will even have messages for you.


When you’re ungrounded, you might experience dizziness. Clearing big emotional issue can cause this also. Eat more proteins to ground yourself.

23.Faster nail and hair growth
24.Desire to find your soul mate

The desire to find a soul with the same burning fire as you will become bigger.

25.Memories surface

Expect to receive suppressed memories, images from your past life. Don’t over-analyze those memories.

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